Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack lacks value compared to the competition

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is lacking in value compared to the services offered by Nintendo's competitors, PlayStation & Xbox.

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FallenAngel198437d ago

So they’re not adding basic messaging, ingame voice chat or party chat, and various other features to put it on par with the others but they still wanna raise the price by 150%

36d ago
Terry_B37d ago

Nintendo's Services lacking in comparison with the competition? ...Now that's something new!

whitbyfox36d ago

They are releasing the best game ever made on it in high resolution for the first time.

Ocarina of Time - 99 Metacritic.

Cannot wait.

SegaSaturn66936d ago

What resolution? Ocarina of Time on n64 runs at less than 20 frames per second. You really want to play it via emulator with patches or on the 3DS remake.

whitbyfox36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It hasn’t been confirmed yet but Mario 64 on Mario 3D All Stars was 720p so hopefully at least that.

Well I prefer official releases so no emulators, and it needs the big screen treatment.

TheEnigma31336d ago

They're Nintendo, so of course they will get away wit it. Fans are vocal abut the other 2 companies but not Nintendo, no even the slightest criticism that's anti consumer.

36d ago
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