Gamertell Review: dreamGear's Dual Glow Lightsabers for Wii

Gamertell has posted a not-so-glowing review of a lightsaber style WiiMote cradle by dreamGear.

From the review:

"Lightsabers are long, metallic, brightly glowing marvels that makes dern cool noises. In order to accomplish all of that, dreamGear would have had to have made a larger, more expensive device that would have required more batteries which, in turn would have made it pretty much unwieldy for a video game accessory.

In order to keep the accessory super light so you aren't weighed down by it and the WiiMote together, the plastic has to be super light which, in turn, gives each Saber a cheap, chintzy toy feeling. The slight rattling the battery cover makes while you shake and the uneven glow in the saber portion also don't help maintain the illusion."

The review also includes a photo gallery of the sabers.

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Wizeguy213597d ago

Lights sabers cool... wait a minute.. THOSE AREN'T LIGHT SABERS!!!!
AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! !!