Nintendo Disrespects Its Own History By Making It So Hard to Play

The storied game company relies on nostalgia, but also takes steps to make its past hard to explore.

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Terry_B40d ago

Nah..they are not disrespecting it..they simply have more than enough other channels to generate a lot of money

Inverno39d ago

That's why you make it easy on yourself and emulate. There needs to be less articles on Nintendo and more on promoting the alternative. Inform people of emulation and how much more great it is than paying a company a subscription for a lackluster service

neutralgamer199239d ago

Emulate and enjoy because Nintendo refuses to make their games easily available to purchase for a reasonable price

Knightofelemia38d ago

I just wish Nintendo would follow suit like Playstation and Xbox with their first party games once they have been out for a while drop the price. I have found Nintendo Switch games that are almost 3 yrs old still pushing day one prices on store shelves new. One thing Nintendo hates doing is dropping the prices on their first party titles after they have been out for years.

Teflon0238d ago

This is a bit ridiculous but I do agree Nintendo is pretty ridiculous in general. Rebuy these same games Gen after Gen with Wii and WiiU to then force you to have a sub to play and even more a extra premium sub.

Don't agree with that statement though. It doesn't stop you from owning the original games. If you don't it's really on you or just emulate. That's what I do with Nintendo at this point. Since they want to play games and find the biggest ways to finesse at all times