The PSP Go Was Way Ahead Of Its Time And It Deserved Better

Sony's bold, discless PSP might have been a sales disaster, but it's still one of the best handheld consoles ever made.

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Deathdeliverer45d ago

Same for the vita. Excellent handhelds. Maybe they weren’t as sturdy as DS. Only reason I can think of. I loved my DS, no doubt about it. Just loved my Vita/PSP a little more. Just wish it had more support for the titles I loved. Yu gi oh on DS had online. Yu gi oh on PSP AND Vita years later never had online. You had adhoc mode. Proximity matches. That’s it. DS? Fully realized online. Ranked matches, casual matches, practice matches. Not one either. Like 4 yu gi oh games had online. Vita version was better visually, audio wise, more cards, but shafted.

Vita finally started getting online games, but they still didn’t have the options (which still doesn’t make sense) off DS games. Monster Hunter is another good example.

Snookies1245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Speaking of sturdy, I recall my PSP's disc drive breaking when it fell off the couch onto carpet... Less than a two foot fall, lol. I loved the PSP, but dang was that thing fragile. That was my second one too. The first was a Kingdom Hearts BBS edition PSP I sent into Sony to fix. And got a completely different model back in the mail... Which subsequently got messed up after I let a friend borrow it. Ahhh... Good times...

My Vita held up very well through the years, considering I got it day one. Ended up giving it to my nephew for his birthday and it still works to this day.

septemberindecember44d ago

I really loved my PSP. I got the God of War: Chains of Olympus edition (came with a copy of the Superbad movie on UMD lol). There were so many great games on the PSP. Playing GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories was surreal on the console at the time.

The Vita was a misstep. Great hardware, and it had a good initial software lineup...but then it just faded. I still pick it up and play it though. IMO PSP > DS, but the 3DS > Vita

MoonConquistador44d ago

GTA games also had a local multiplayer thingy where several PSPs could link up and you could go shooting friends or people you were meant to be working with.

Good times

The Vita was a fantastic piece of kit but was poorly treated by Sony. But still, everybody's golf and uncharted on the go were brilliant. Killzone was another highlight.

And you could also remote play from PS3 and PS4. Im sure the PSP could also remote play from PS3. I can remember browsing and streaming all my media over wi fi from the PS 3.

Jin_Sakai45d ago

I’d say the Vita was ahead of its time. I kind of miss it but I know deep down Sony won’t make another handled as Nintendo has that sector locked down.

lodossrage45d ago

I don't know

At first, I felt the same way you do. But something tells me if Steam Deck becomes a massive success, they'll revisit a new Vita. But that's just me having a hunch and a guess.

Neonridr44d ago

the Steam Deck is too niche of a product to become a massive success. Sure it might sell a few million but it'll never really challenge the Switch in any real way in that regard.

annoyedgamer44d ago

If SteamDeck does well it could break Nintendos grip.

darthv7244d ago

I love my Go. I have the dock for it so it is plugged into my tv and i have a spare sixaxis controller to use with it since it wont make use of the rumble of a DS3. I also have a 16gb M2 card in it for extra storage. It did the switch before the switch where as other portable devices [that could also plug into a tv] required you to hold the device while plugged in. I get that it wasnt popular because of the digital only nature but it wasnt much longer before there were more digital games available, making this really ahead of the curve.

If the vita had similar ability to dock to a tv (not the vita tv) then it too would have been ahead of the switch as well. Something i really believed Sony would do (thanks to the Go) was continue the path of making a fully hybrid console/portable before Nintendo did. They could have cornered the market that people didnt even know there was.

Father__Merrin44d ago

Psp was simply amazing but far too much engineered for a handheld. Psp should have been a handheld Ps1 with tons of ports cheap games cheap accessories and would have been £99 from the get go

darthv7244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Unlike Nintendo, Sony didnt make their portables one gen behind their current console. So the PSP is in between PS1 and 2 (and vita is between ps3/4). It was def better than the PS1 but just shy of the PS2 and its lack of a 2nd analog was not helping things either. It did get some amazing ports of PS2 titles though and even a few PS3 ports as well.

It was a great platform and Sony had a huge missed opportunity with not bringing out the USB UMD drive. I get they didnt want people finding a way to reverse engineer it and rip PSP games... but they did anyway (using real PSP). one of the best ide3as for the Go owners was the trade in program. Where users could trade in their UMD and get digital codes for the same games. Along those same lines was the digital validation program.

Using a PSP plugged into a PS3, it would validate the user / game and allow them to download a digital copy to the PS3 which could then be transferred to the Go (or regular PSP). Fear of abuse is prob what caused them to kill the projects, and i dont blame them. Modders have figured out so much more to do with the PSP since then.

thecodingart44d ago

You mean 2-3 gens behind…

XbladeTeddy44d ago

I had one at launch, biggest waste of money ever. I soon realised I was paying more for new games digitally than retail stores were selling physical for. Also paying full price for older games that were selling second hand for next to nothing. Luckily I managed to sell it, worst purchase ever.

Metabeard44d ago

That is exactly what people are doing now like crazy too lol. I don't for the life of me know why someone would choose the disc-less ps5 for any reason but I see plenty of I got me PS5 posts on reddit and there they are holding the digital only system.

Digital prices should not be higher than physical. However, steam sales and alike sales on other platforms have left me with a very large digital game collection.

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