Resident Evil 5 demo now region locked

For those who have signed up a Japanese account to play and download the Resident Evil 5 demo from Xbox Live, the demo is now region locked.

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DA_SHREDDER3601d ago

I played it, and its not even that good. They are making too big a deal about this and since they wanna be jerks about it, I think you people should not even buy the game. The resident evil series started to suck after part 2 anyways.

Bigbangbing3601d ago

I played it too , RE5 is RE4 but with nice graphics ...

they just Copy-Paste the gameplay , the animations , almost everything :P

Bazookajoe_833601d ago

I thought RE4 was ok, the controles really sucked. Is the controles the same in RE5?

Bigbangbing3601d ago


you can choose , yes there is RE4 type control and other one like gears of war

Maxned3601d ago

I thought it was great... And yes I played RE4. Yes it is similar.
Sometimes, thats all you need to make a great game.

Super Mario? Zelda? Madden? Call of Duty: World at War?

All great games (COD:WaW is debatable) and all can be called repetitive.

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Mr PS33601d ago

Way to Screw your Paying Customers !!
Sony Does'nt mind if i Download anything off the US Store or JaPan Store or Visa Versa
And They Dont charge Either
Stupid BoTs Paying to get Kicked In the Nuts

Shadow Man3601d ago

So stfu and you can just download the demo from the internet and burn it on a cd.

DavidMacDougall3601d ago

Thats nice of your mummy to pay for you

kazuma3601d ago

how is this ps3 related?

Somnus3601d ago

Submitting it here is a habit I suppose.

Counter_ACT3601d ago

Whoops, my mistake. Ticked it instinctively. D:

Simon_Brezhnev3601d ago

well i never did play a resident evil game and 2 many ps3 exclusives coming out for me to worry about this game

PS360PCROCKS3601d ago

**** you Capcom! to people hating on Microsoft shutup, you know they struck a deal with Capcom for an exclusive Japan deal. But Capcom is forcing them to keep this only to Japan, I have downloaded region locked demos before with never any problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.