Bungie Will Charge Standard Edition Destiny 2 Players For Dungeons, On Top Of Microtransactions

Hey everyone. We’ve seen some debate around the new dungeon content and wanted to clarify how it will be delivered next year.

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LordoftheCritics47d ago

So Bungie has decided to go full EA.

Germaximus45d ago

and Activision, Ubisoft, Nintendo. pretty much everybody at this point

NeoGamer23245d ago

When Bungie left Microsoft they said they wanted to do something different and wanted to guide their own ship. When they went independent I had a ton of hope they would do something new and really unique.

Here they are today.... They built a game in the exact same genre and have gone to a MTX and nickel and diming model for their game. I think there are a lot of pluses in Destiny, but it really doesn't feel like they went radically new, and you would've expected them to go pro-consumer, but they have gone the exact opposite direction.

-Foxtrot45d ago

The funny thing is, people thought them splitting from Activision was a good thing

This proves it was also Bungie, not just Activision, with all their decisions during the franchises development.

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Knightofelemia47d ago

Do people honestly still play Destiny 2? I tried Destiny 1 on PS3 and I thought it was boring Bungie going down the EA path is a great way for people to dump the game. Especially with other and newer titles coming out soon.

phoenixwing47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

destiny is kind of crap content wise. you're expected to repeat dungeons and bosses ad nauseum. the story is filler and really the only thing it has is good snappy gunplay but again, the content is bare bones.

edit: It's basically a dumbed down halo rpg lite

47d ago
Orchard46d ago

@Games4u But Halo came first... so how can it be 'reskinned'

Rude-ro46d ago

The game engine destroys the dated halo..
There are faults no doubt.. but even infinite looks like a 6 year olds drawing of what destiny is per gameplay.
The poorly animated grapple, dome.. shields.. there is a reason it is free and it is not “kindness”
it is a joke even compared to cod of which its core engine is from 1998

Darkborn45d ago

@orchid bungie came first.

Notellin45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

@Rude-ro The Destiny 2 engine is such an outdated joke I can't tell if you're serious. Horrendous netcode that uses P2P networking for embarrassingly low player counts.

PvP is a running joke with the frequent kill trades and horrendous netcode that is constantly manipulated to cheat in ranked/trials playlists.

The game takes forever to load and looks like a launch title for last generation consoles because that's literally what Destiny has become.

Content is so dry and spread out all you do is run dungeons backwards and wait for gated content to drop that they reskinned from Destiny 1.

D3TH_D33LR45d ago

@rude-ro tell us you know nothing about destinys engine without telling us you know nothing about destiny ancient dusty assed difficult to work with engine

Knightofelemia45d ago

@ Games4U

I hate Halo but it came out first before Destiny was a gleam in its creators eye

TheDoomedGuy45d ago

You mean a better halo rpg lite. And it's not really that lite actually.

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Seraphim46d ago

I have some friends still playing but they're mainly crucible [PVP] players. Pretty much everyone else who played since D1 has quit w/in the past 2 years. Personally I quit playing last year when they announced sun-setting. That along with the lack of content year after year, Bungie raising the price of the big expansion + season pass along with other issues Bungie brings upon themselves/the game pushed me away finally. This is a company who commits to not doing something only to change course down the line and they expect fans to be ok with it. Not to mention the nerfs hitting PVE because of PVP, etc, etc. There is no vision or leadership at Bungie imo.

The thing is Destiny at it's core is an incredible shooter. But the truth is there are still a lot of people still playing D2 along with those who came in late who are now/still playing.... What's hilarious is how up in arms most, if not all, content creators got over sun-setting threatening to quit the game, etc. Yet at the end of the day they make easy money playing this game and took it up the wazoo like all the other suckers out there who still support this game. Which is sad because real change might have been possible. Regardless, at this point even if a D3 dropped idk that I trust Bungie anymore to even support that. 2 cents

Notellin45d ago

As awful as the PvP is I'm surprised even that crowd has stayed.

Easily the worst netcode of any game I've played in the last ten years.

jeromeface45d ago

when bungie moves on from destiny, ill move back to bungie...

Seraphim45d ago

@Notellin - true that. It's a rare game I actually wanted to play PVP in but rarely did because of the trash code and so called hybrid server structure that's still junk.

dbcoops46d ago

Yes people honestly still play Destiny 2.

Greg280145d ago

Well Destiny 2 is still in the top 10 current players list on steam. So its still a populair game.

I used to play Destiny 2 a lot to, especially for the raids. But the weekly grind just gets so boring after a while and starts to feel like a weekly chore. So I stopped playing it.

Maybe of they can fix the tedious powerlevel grind I will start playing it again

ocelot0745d ago

"Do people honestly still play Destiny 2"

Yes people still play Destiny 2 because they enjoy it. Just like how I still playing WWF No Mercey spite is releasing 21 years ago.

PapaBop45d ago

Yeah apparently loads still play, my friend recently got back heavily into it but personally didn't last an hour before i got bored again.

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justadelusion47d ago

the bungie fanboys dont have EA to blame now either lol

Darkborn45d ago

It actually got worse after the split from Activision.

JeffGUNZ42d ago

Yeah, isn't that insane? Activision actually had a better grasp on what the playerbase wanted then Bungie. When they stopped making content like Foresaken, split from Activision and made seasons, I knew this game was done.

autobotdan46d ago

I been done with Destiny 2 since 2019 and 8 don't see anything to bring me back

Notellin45d ago

That was the perfect time to quit. I left in February 2019. I'll never go back. Amazing to watch a game get progressively worse.

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