Get Ready for Forza Horizon 5

Turn10 writes: "Earlier this week, we told you that Forza Horizon 5 has gone gold. With the game now being pressed onto retail discs and prepared for digital release, the team has initiated preload on Xbox and Windows. That means starting today, you can download the game in its entirety and ensure you’re fully prepared to experience Mexico from launch day without delay."

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Darkborn40d ago

But is your storage space? Isn't it like 122gb or something?

darthv7240d ago

I got that covered. I bought the expansion when Flight sim released to GP.

phoenixwing40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

i have a 4tb hard drive a 1tb ssd nvme and a 500 gb ssd not to mention my 2tb external t5 ssd

edit: to anyone that thinks it is overkill to own all this storage you don't understand that i like to play a game based on my mood at the time and having a large library downloaded is nice for me :)

Darkborn40d ago

No i completely understand. I'm definitely not a gamer who plays only one game at a time. I always have a couple dozen I'm playing through randomly.

NeoGamer23240d ago

From the article:

Xbox Series X|S: 103 GB
Xbox One: 116 GB
Windows: 103 GB
Steam*: 103 GB

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Gaming4Life198140d ago

Yea gonna download after work and buy the season pass.

TheColbertinator40d ago

Totally different games but whatever

aaronaton40d ago

Definitely, one is for kids and the other is for adults.

NeoGamer23240d ago

One is for people who like arcade racing and one is for people who like racing simulators. It doesn't matter what age you are, it comes down to how realistic or how fun you want the gaming experience to be. GT is about realism, Horizon is about fun. At times i play different racers based on my need for fun or realism.

medman40d ago

I'm planning on playing both.

I win.

Activision40d ago

Isnt that game releasing on PS3?