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Psxextreme: Well, unless you live in a cave, you've heard that the open beta for PlayStation Home launches today. However, many of you have the same exact question on your minds, "exactly when will I see it?"

We may not know "exactly" when you'll see Home, but some people already have it while others are still waiting. European users seem to be waiting the longest, but there's an update from PS3 Fanboy: The client has been patched to version 1.03 and UK users can expect Home to go live "early PM UK" time, and when it's ready to go, it will appear on the XMB "as soon as the final switch is pulled." Of course, you can't just sit there staring at the screen; you'll have to restart to gain access once everything is set to go. Now, we're aware it's past "early PM" in the UK, so we'll be interested to hear if any of our Euro readers have Home already. Home moderator TedTheDog wouldn't venture a guess as to "how long it will take for each region to verify its elements are working," but we'll start that process right now: which of you have Home, and when did you get it?

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rawd3599d ago

I can't wait to check it out tonight. I bet it's going to be packed

-GametimeUK-3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Translates to "UK users can expect Home to go live on the 3rd July 2009
They speak a different language in Sony land

(edit) PSN: GametimeUK
expect to see me in Home on July 3rd when its released :-)

christian hour3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

haha you couldn't be more right!

finally a new update from the horses mouth.

**Edit 8:15pm**

Very sorry about the delay here. The PSN outage really set us back a while but things are picking up again. And apologies for the delay in updates, I had to get home to continue with this. Looks like we're not far off now though.

wow, thats, thats just as useful as the update he gave us at 3pm... so yeah, looks like we'll be getting it tomorrow :P GO EUROPE!

BrunoM3599d ago

Sup guys kick as home is out for every one now il have more people to meet online have been in home for some long time now ...

WELL i cant go on PSN (or online at all on my ps3) is these only me or is something normal did sony put the psn down for these damn whats going on ??

thanks !!

BrunoM3599d ago

ok im able to go online on the PSN now but everything is going so slow is almost stupid ....

but o well atlest i can play online lol do u guys think these has something to do with home ?

LethalToxins3599d ago

It's not just you. I can get on right now, but for a little while, I couldn't. Store is very bugged atm. Seems like the masses think they will have to download it from the store. I think the traffic there is screwing things up.

It won't be a store download, it'll appear much like the [email protected] icon did. Except it'll be under the PS Store's icon. At least, I think that's what I read.

BrunoM3599d ago

i get disagree for saying that I cant do something ON MYYY ps3 that I PAID for lol...

any ways i try to go on home but these is what i got Network Error the conection to the server was lost D5627..

ANY ONE ELSE .. and dont disagree with stupid things people on these site are starting to take the fun of coming to n4g .

darkequitus3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


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