An Open Letter to Microsoft and Pirates of the NXE

Andygoes writes, "When asked why the Disc must be in the drive to play ripped 360 games, a lot of people gave the obvious suggestion that piracy would occur if people didn 't leave the disc in the drive. While I agree, I also have a solution to this problem: CD Keys..."

The idea is not as far fetched as it seem. Check out the full article for details.

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JimmyJames703596d ago

CD keys have been around a long time. You'd think it would work...

It is kind of a pain to have the game installed on your HD only to still have to put it in the drive.

To me, it does kind of defeat the purpose.

I usually have the volume up so loud I can't hear the jet noise anyway...

bgrundman3596d ago

I would hope that people could see the benefit in a system like this.

killyourfm3596d ago

In the PC arena, it's REQUIRED that you install the game, AND (normally) have the CD/DVD in the tray.

I'd say we're lucky.

bgrundman3596d ago

We are lucky, but I would be willing to deal with this if it allowed me to go without my disc

dkp233596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

From what I understand, the purpose of the install is to give people option to improve the performance of the game and a quieter/cooler system. Even PC games require a disc in the CD/DVD drive to play, so I dont really see a difference, unless you play your online games using steam

Another good thing is what happend to me. I let somebody borrow my game and it got scratched up and it read and sometimes it did not read, now I do not have to worry since I installed the game to my drive and now I can play with my scratched up disc. This is also another plus if you have games that may be in bad condition.

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killyourfm3596d ago

At first I balked at this idea, but the concept of linking a CD Key to your gamertag is actually really logical.

My only question is this: How does it impact the 2nd hand (used video game) market, ala Gamestop? Hate on Gamestop all you want, but they help to drive this industry. Besides, this isn't the "defend Gamestop" hour.

I just wonder how much this could devalue a video game title. A player sells it to a 2nd hand store, and knowing that the game can't be installed to the new owner's HDD would surely take away a large value of that game.

What if there were a way to disassociate the CD Key with the Gamertag as well? Certainly a lot of speculation here....

Good article.

bgrundman3596d ago

You can reregister XBLA games to a new console. Why couldn't it work?

CrAppleton3596d ago

Yeah.. Gamestop would sh!t bricks if this happend

3596d ago
sukru3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Are you sure, you really want this.

GameStop may be a greedy example, but they're not the only used game source in the town.

You'll no longer be able to lend your games to your friends, trade them on goozex (which is one of the best sites btw), sell them on eBay, rent them on GameFly (or BlockBuster, or others), and so on. I hope you get the idea.

It will hurt gamers on a budget a lot, a really big lot.

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bgrundman3596d ago

Plus, not everybody will want to install their games, so I don't think that it would necessarily devalue your game. You would just have to live with the fact that it would work like the NXE does now. Nothing would be lost.

bgrundman3596d ago

Do PS3 installs require you to have the disc after the game has been installed?

VampHuntD3596d ago

PS3 installs don't copy the full game to the hard drive so of course they do.

bgrundman3596d ago

Thank you for the information, I had no idea, so why not ask, right?

VampHuntD3596d ago

Yup only way to learn is to look it up or ask. And often asking is faster :)

VampHuntD3596d ago

Rentals. 1 key = 1 system. Rentals and used game sales would be official shafted.

Plan Failed.

killyourfm3596d ago

That's initially what I thought too. But the CD Key would only be used when INSTALLING to a hard drive. That disc could still be rented and sold, it just couldn't be installed "locally"

bgrundman3596d ago

If you rent a game you have no need to install anyway... it is a temporary playthrough.

VampHuntD3596d ago

First rental owns the game. Every other player that wants to install it or probably play it online (since the key will have to tie into online play somehow to validate the install or disc) is screwed

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