New 2TB and 512GB Seagate Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S


Xbox has collaborated with Seagate once again, and we’re excited to announce 512GB and 2TB Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S will be available soon in all Xbox markets.

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Jin_Sakai40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

$400 for 2TB is expensive.

PS4 2TB SSD already $40 cheaper and twice the speed. All thanks to competition and not being proprietary.

Neonridr40d ago

Only pro for the Xbox option is it's plug and play with no worries. But that comes at a much steeper cost.

PrinceAli40d ago

This plug and play experience is SUPER overrated when it comes to something like this.. If someone is spending $400 on an expansion card for their console that person is NOT a casual gamer, they are an enthusiast/hardcore/dedicated gamer. So this idea that Plug and Play would have any real bearing on the viability of being the better option simply doesn't matter, its ALL about price and performance

Darkborn40d ago

Lazy and expensive is the real benefit. It takes 2 min to install an m.2 in a ps5.

Babadook740d ago

It's very easy to access the expansion slot on PS5.

Neonridr40d ago

@Darkborn @Babadook7 - while it may be easy to access the expansion slot, asking someone who might not be super tech savvy to pick out an M.2 along with a heat sink and understand which are compatible isn't as easy as walking into a store that sells video games and coming out with a single package as is the case here.

WE all know what we are doing, that doesn't mean everyone does.

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@neon your right, it's much easier for a parent to go into a gamestop and understand which xbox is which when the names are almost the same thing. If anyone has trouble doing something, it's called YouTube. I'm pretty tech savvy and I YouTubed a 5 min video of someone installing it before I opened my package to do it. Before that, yes I watched one of hundreds of videos of people reporting which m.2's are supported in the ps5 and ultimately I went with the one mark cerny recommended.

Zhipp40d ago

Plug and play is also a plus if you have multiple consoles, or you want to take your games to a friend's house without taking the entire console.

Activision40d ago


"it's much easier for a parent to go into a gamestop and understand which xbox is which when the names are almost the same thing"

? Xbox One X/S has been discontinued. The next gen consoles are easy to understand. People mainly name it by Series S or X.

dbcoops40d ago

To be fair, removing one panel that simply pops off and one screw is pretty easy to do as well and with a few minutes of internet research anyone can figure out the best SSD to get for PS5.

ABizzel140d ago (Edited 40d ago )

If someone is spending $300 - $400 on a hard drive upgrade, then they've done even the most minor research on this. They've either asked their friend, gone to to see the details, looked at a YouTube video for advice, asked the Best Buy or Microcenter rep, or even the hundreds of Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/othe r social media groups which commonly show off their new NVMes and heatsinks and which ones to get.

Let's stop practicing lowering the average level of intelligence for people. Many of us came from the research essay generation, so let's stop acting like it's just too much to simply say Hey Siri / Hey Google how do I upgrade my PS5 hard drive.

1Victor40d ago

@darkborn let it go your 2 minutes are up to 12+ including the 2 videos 🤦🏿 Not everything has to be a war of who’s better. Both are good one gives you more options with a cheaper price but you need to research a bit to install it yourself the other cost a bit more but it’s a easy way to install to the point a idiot can do it (I’m not saying that Xbox owners are idiots or lazy).
Personally if I had both options I would go with the easier but my cheap side wouldn’t let me do it screaming that’s 4 + digital indi games 😂

darthv7240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@dark, when I installed the ssd in my ps5, it took longer than 2 minutes. I keep my system in standby so:
I had to turn it on
then wait for it to fully shut down
then unplug it from the tv
then remove the base to lay it down
then remove the side panel
then remove the ssd cover
then remove the ssd spacer (we are already passing 5 minutes)
then insert the spacer into the right hole
then insert the ssd and screw it down
then put the ssd cover back on
then put the side panel back on
then put the base back on
then plug it back in to tv
then power it on and finally format it.

All told, it was about 10 minutes from start to finish. You know how long it took to put in the expansion card on series s? About 22 seconds. Open package and plug it in. Formating was part of that as well.

r2oB40d ago

@ darthv72

There is a step-by-step tutorial video, was about 3:30 minutes long, that included a bunch of talking, unboxing an SSD, and also installing a heatsink on a different SSD that didn't have one preinstalled. The actual process was about 2 minutes. Kudos to you for taking a 2 minute procedure and dragging it out for an additional 8 minutes.

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Jay76740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Jin_sakai you also forget Xbox ssd is way slower than ps5 ssd’s and cost more.

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Jin_Sakai40d ago

I meant PS5 obviously. Lol

darthv7240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

With this news, 2tb Series X and 1tb Series S skus are all but guaranteed to be coming out soon. We all know there is a speed difference but it doesnt really translate into real world performance problems. i mean we are talking 1-2 seconds... not minutes. Slower / faster doesnt matter. What matters is they finally got bigger options now. I expect to see 3 and 4tb plug in cards later on. And bigger options means more choices which means prices come down on the ones already out. WD should be releasing their own expansion cards within the next few months. Maybe others from Sandisk and Samsung as well. then prices would really get competitive.

porkChop40d ago

People disagree but it's the truth. SSDs are so fast that an open world game can load in seconds. An optimized linear game could load in a split second. The speed difference between these consoles will only amount to between 0.5 to maybe 2 seconds once games are exclusively current gen. It's literally a non-issue.

I'm just happy we're finally starting to leave HDDs behind.

1Victor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@darth you’re forgetting that those SSD are Microsoft properties designed and can’t be sold by anyone else unless they’re approved by Microsoft and they put the price tag or did you forgot the Xbox 360 HDD the price for those never came down till almost the end of the generation when it didn’t matter at all while the non propertied PS3 HDD prices dropped like a rock on water. I agree that they’re more convenient to install at first but you pay way more on the long run because there’s no competition or incentives to drop the price unless Microsoft say so.

DJStotty40d ago


I can literally guarantee you, that the Seagate cards are a time-specific deal between Microsoft and Seagate, there is a reason the internal SSD is WD and the expansion Seagate, once the deal has ran it's course (18-24 months) then we will see WD and all others using the expansion cards.

1Victor39d ago

@DJstotty I guess we’ll have to wait 2 years and see if you’re right and I hope you are right.

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gravedigger40d ago

You think that 2TB is an expensive? 512 GB price is a joke.

darthv7240d ago

Like the saying goes, you pay more for less.

gamer780440d ago

The nice thing about hot swapping is you can have 3 Xboxes and just pop out the card in another console not only does that cut the cost by 1/3 it also saves downloading time and cuts duplicate storage space. That’s a huge bonus for paying a few dollars more which I’d gladly trade

barom40d ago

I mean if you have 3 Xboxes then I assume money is not a problem for you regardless. I doubt most of the gaming population has a similar situation.

I also don't think the convenience is worth double the price even if you have 3 Xboxes.

gamer780440d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@barom of course money is always a concern that’s why smart buying is important in cases just like this which if you do consistently can allow you to have multiple consoles.

VivaLaManual40d ago

lol. This is quite a stretch situation to justify this.

NotoriousWhiz40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Or you know. Just being able to easily take your games to a friend's house. Rather than bringing an entire console, just bring the expansion card. This was something I really liked about the 360 era. You could put games on the memory card (or the easily removable hard drive on top) and just plug and play.

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DarXyde40d ago

For Xbox especially, the prices need to come down. It feels a bit counterintuitive to have such expensive storage while pushing Game Pass.

neutralgamer199240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Hopefully some competition comes along because it's unfair to Xbox gamers who have to pay premium and don't have many options. Sony has allowed HD upgrades since PS3 and they are quite easily doable even for those who aren't really tech savvy like me

DJStotty40d ago

I'm an xbox gamer and i don't think the prices are unfair, after all, you do not even need an expansion.

Just transfer to the internal whatever games you want to play. External storage solutions have been in consoles for decades.

NeoGamer23240d ago

Personally, I think all these 2 TB drives are overly expensive.

Comparing the cost of the XB and PS compatible NVMe expansions is like comparing the cost of a Lamborghini to a Ferrari (Many 100's of thousands). But the general masses of people buy Mustangs, Camaros ($30-60k) and on the bit higher end Corvettes ($100k).

Also, your link shows the drive without a heat sink. With a heat sink (which is recommended) it is over $600.

LOL. Buying extra storage for this gen of consoles is almost like buying a second console. Honestly, it is ridiculous on all sides of the fence.

DJStotty40d ago

That is why i have not got any additional storage yet, i just use my 5TB external, and can play games across both. If a game is S/X optimised, to the internal it goes.

Bigman4k40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Sony fanboy

DigitallyAfflicted40d ago

It doesn't matter. You pick the console for games and ecosystem and then you are stuck with whatever storage expansion and rest of that ecosystem and services your console manufacturer provides.

People need to stop trying to convince others that they choose is the best and the only one....

annoyedgamer40d ago

$160 for a 2TB NVME drive on PC.

DJStotty40d ago

Irrelevant but yet informative.

KillBill40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You linked to an SSD that is literally more expensive. The price for the heat sink version is $600+. And the non-heatsink version is normally $500+ and is simply on sale. So you listed something that has been on the market for some time already on sale and something that has yet to even hit market and showing suggested retail price.

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CrimsonWing6940d ago

2TB of space or 6 games or a new console? Hmmmmmm... I'd rather go with the games or a new console.

Om4ever40d ago

6 games ? I'd rather go gamepass

CrimsonWing6940d ago

I think you missed my point. I’m saying for the price of storage you can get other things. Yes, you could totally negate spending $400 on anything and get Gamepass to play more games.

blacktiger40d ago

gamepass and playstation now sucks! sooooo god damn laggy

DJStotty40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Exactly, i would rather buy a PS5 or second Series X, as opposed to just having the convenience of saving a few minutes per game.

Notellin39d ago

Yeah but I already have both new consoles and have enough money for hard drives. Have one in both my digital PS5 and Series X.

Neither solution was better than the other and anything stated by the fanboys on this website is just low functioning drivel.

CrimsonWing6939d ago

Ok, if you’ve got the disposable income go at it.

JEECE40d ago

$140 for 512 GB is too much. That one needs to be $99.

darthv7240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

At most i was thinking $129 with the 1tb being $199 and then the 2tb being $349. I paid $160 for my 1tb expansion card but then again i bought it off the fb marketplace so... make of that what you will.

Eonjay40d ago

For what you are getting the 1TB should be no more than $109.99.
THe 512 GB should be no more than $79.99
The 2TB should be no more than $199.99

Segate has no competition on the XBox. Therefore they are robbing its customers.

CR7JUVE189740d ago

I'll stick with my 1 TB and swap games out as I go, thank you very much. 400.00 for a much slower SSD? And the installation literally took me 5 minutes to do on my PS5, and I can barely boil water.

darthv7240d ago

I might get me another 1tb. I love how easy these are to pop out and back in. Like the good old days of memory cards.

CR7JUVE189740d ago

If there were more than 1 memory slot, I would be inclined to agree with you. But constantly swapping out SSD like that sounds a little too risky. And besides, you would have to be very keen on what you have for which SSD you are using.

hiawa2340d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I feel the same, just pop one out pop another in, no fuss. My only minor gripe is if you have the card in for a game installed on the other card, it just says not installed for the card the game is not on. I think MS needs to release a patch that tells us which card the games are installed on or make a hub where you can plug in multiple cards at the same time.

Kurt Russell40d ago

I am after a 1TB, makes it easier to move games up and downstairs between consoles.
Generally I am a completer and deleter. But Halo and Forza is on it's way and I imagine the MP will be sitting on my console for some time.

JEECE40d ago

I agree that installing the PS5 SSD was much easier than websites are making it out to be, but also remember how many people last year were playing the PS4 versions of games on their PS5s without knowing, even though PS4 games showed up with "PS4" in bold white letters before you started them up.

darthv7240d ago

when it came to the ps5, i opted for an ssd that already had the heatsink attached. I think that may be where much of the confusion stems from. i mean it isnt hard to install one, but some people have issue with that step. So the answer is get one that is ready out of the box. I use the Aorus 7000s. Fit perfectly and has great performance relative to the bigger name brands of WD and Samsung. and it was cheaper than both without their heatsinks.

FanboysKiller40d ago

5 games at a time is too much for me , I've used more storage before , not practical unless you don't have enough data cap then you left with no other choice.