Jagex Partners to Publish Melvor Idle, An Idle RPG Inspired by RuneScape

Jagex has announced that they will be publishing Melvor Idle, developed by Games by Malcs for release this November 2021.

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Darkborn39d ago

The crazy thing is, I played like 5+ years of runescape (2) near nonstop and when I came back years later, they had this new version that my charactor got automatically transferred to that was all about micros and skins packs. I hated it and didn't have any idea what to do with the game. They did keep the second version of the game intact that I liked, but my account wouldn't let me migrate back, so I didn't want to damn near max out a new account again.

Christopher39d ago

I've been goofing off with it randomly the last few months. It's way too slow-paced as it is, IMHO. If they publish this anywhere, they need to make it way more engaging rather than something you check once a day for a few minutes.