PS3 Emulator Will Now Boot Every Game Ever Released On The Console

It's a huge achievement for the emulator, now in its 10th year

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darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Oh man i would love it if Sony were to utilize such an emulator to allow for playing PS3 games on a PS5.

SegaSaturn66936d ago

I guess it's corporate greed. You can play some PS3 games via ps now and that's cool but there's definitely input lag interfering with the experience.

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Babadook736d ago

It’s not enough to boot a game. I want it to work 100% or I’m not interested.

spicelicka36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Don't know what they're doing with that, people would love to play PS3 games. Must be the money.

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CDbiggen36d ago

Been able to play Metal Gear Online 2 for the past few months on it, no issues, so yeah definitely coming along.

aaronaton36d ago

Yep i've enjoyed it too, apart from the dwindling player count, they really need to push that game more.

Welshy36d ago


A salute to my fellow MGO fans/veterans, I may have to look into whether my PC is capable of running it, MGO2 is still my top online game of all time, great memories.

blackblades36d ago

Would love to be able to play it on shield but cant even do ps2

neutralgamer199236d ago

It's one of the best systems ever and Sony needs to figure out to allow us to play those PlayStation 3 games on current consoles

That would be such a huge positive news for PlayStation if they were to announce that all PlayStation 3 games will be playable on PlayStation 4 and 5

darthv7236d ago

Heck yeah. If MS can make a big announcement of bc for xbo after the fact... Sony can too. Id welcome it wholeheartedly.

blackblades36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Ps now is best bet for now but who knows what the future holds. Cause Sony only focused on ps4/ps5 and future. Still disappointed they stopped doing ps2 on ps4.

Rainbowcookie36d ago

big difference between bootable and playable. Would add a huge library if possible on ps5

Neonridr36d ago

for sure, everything boots, but there are still around 1000 titles that cannot be finished due to some sort of error.

Still, there's a lot of playable games, which is a good start.

FanboysKiller36d ago

I'm an emulators geek , can't resist with any positive news about them.

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