Xbox says it ‘jumped at the chance’ to work with Crystal Dynamics on Perfect Dark

Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty has said that partnering with Crystal Dynamics on the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot was a no-brainer.

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997d ago
Lightning77997d ago

I would to if I had 70 man staff working on a Big project. How can you remain efficient with a tiny staff? They need at least 100 more ppl and CD was the perfect fit for them.

Sayai jin997d ago

Yes, I remember them saying they had a talented, but small team. They said it was to stay agile. I think the partenership/teamiing up with SE is a multi-purpose situation.

Ausbo997d ago

Well also I think the pandemic hindered them in staffing up to make a big game. They were staying small at first, but they will have to get bigger if they want to pump out those large AAA or (AAAA) games

--Onilink--997d ago

Well, you cant suddenly create a new studio and begin production on a new game with 200-300 people out of the blue.

Even on existing large studios, development ramps up gradually and as it does, so does the headcount. No game starts development with 100+ already involved.

My guess is that they decided to keep their natural growth (in terms of headcount) separate by doing this collaboration since they were not going to be able to suddenly hire that many people

NeoGamer232997d ago

I find it funny you get disagrees with a comment like that.

The people disagreeing know absolutely nothing about software/game development.

Your comment is spot on.

Sayai jin997d ago

That's how N4G is unfortunately.

rlow1997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

I think the setup for The Initiative is for their 70 people to flesh out the ideas, mechanics, look and feel of the game. Then bring in a hired gun to ramp up production. Crystal Dynamics happened to be available and I'm sure Square Enix didn't mind the money.

darthv72997d ago

CD knows a thing or two about female protagonist based games.

Sciurus_vulgaris997d ago

I don’t think the sex of character directly affects how a game plays. Crystal Dynamics has experience making action-adventure games and they have worked with Darrel Gallagher on past projects. The Tomb Raider reboot trilogy was well generally well received. Therefore, I think Crystal Dynamics is a good co-developer for the Perfect Dark reboot.

jBlakeeper997d ago

Oh yeah it does affect how a game plays. More than you think. You should “feel” like your playing as a female in every aspect of the game.

NotoriousWhiz997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

^ the heck?

Guy or girl, the gameplay should be exactly the same. Only difference is the story. Definitely should not "feel" like a girl while playing it lol. Instead you should just feel like a badass.

Godmars290997d ago

Guy would play based on strength, girl play based on agility.

enkiduxiv997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

Jesse Fayden and Alloy>>>>>The new Laura Croft

If anything, I would say Crystal Dynamics could learn a thing or two about writing compelling female protagonists.

-Foxtrot997d ago

I don’t know why you’re getting disagrees

The new Lara is terribly written

CaptainHenry916997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

I just hope it's not like Tomb raider gameplay. I want the game to have it's own identity and be original

darthv72997d ago

Given one is a fps and the other a 3rd person action platformer... i think you are safe.

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