God of War PC Exclusive Features Listed, Include Nvidia DLSS and Reflex Support

Sony Santa Monica have revealed the God of War PC exclusive features coming to the game when it releases for the platform next year.

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Terry_B42d ago Show
LordoftheCritics42d ago

This is good news.

I will take all the graphical moolah.

Eonjay42d ago

Good to see Sony keeping quality the center of their brand. Wherever the game releases it's a PlayStation title meaning that it has to be top quality.

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Welshy41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Bamdom if you deem waiting 4 years for a game the best way to play it (with or without updated graphical features) then more power to you bud.

I'll be enjoying God Of War Ragnarok the "inferior" way on day 1 while you sit with your thumb up your arse waiting for 4 years and have the story long since spoiled/discussed in the name of DLSS and ultrawide support 🙄

badz14941d ago


instead of being thankful to finally getting the recently voted best game of all time at IGN,

you decided to be an a$$ about it. the game will be 4 years old when it finally made its PC debut and has already made tons of money for Sony selling like 20mil copies and made millions of PS4 gamers happy in the process.

I guess you make fun even harder of all xbox owners too because their games play better on high-end PC day 1, ha? what a sad little creature

chiefJohn11741d ago

"It's a PS title"
....not anymore (in my Kratos voice)

TheDibbler41d ago

I guess we will see. I just finished my second play through for Horizon on PC and it is still very buggy after all of the patches. I’m thinking this may be better like Days Gone seems to be but it isn’t guaranteed just because it is a PlayStation title.

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RaidenBlack42d ago

damn ... Grand Theft Auto Occlusion!

phoenixwing42d ago

Good news for my 2070 superl

phoenixwing42d ago

Your card should run it well too. I had been holding off playing the PS4 version hoping this would happen. I'm fine double dipping

gamerz42d ago

And my 2080 Super completes the GoW Straight 20 Super Club!

DarthMarvin41d ago

@gamerz I have a 3060Ti, which is functionally identical to a 2080 Super. Can I be cool and join your club, too?

phoenixwing40d ago

@darth any gpu that will run the game well enough joins the club in my book :)

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Snakeeater2542d ago

Not on ps4 and no haptic on ps4 and ps4 pro.
Am sorry you didn’t knew this yet

badz14941d ago

there has been a number of dualsense featured games released on PC recently

LordoftheCritics41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

That's good to know. Been meaning to get a new controller.

Dualsense would be a fresh experience.

JustTheFax41d ago

The linked article says dualsense support so I have no clue why people are voting you down.

DarthMarvin41d ago

Does this game have added Dualsense features?

Flewid63841d ago

I dont even have a PS5 yet but I bought a DualSense anyway just for PC. Great controller.

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