Sony: PS Home launch has technical problems

Posting over on the PlayStation Home forum, a Home community manager by the name TedTheDog has announced that the roll out of the Open Beta has run into technical problems.

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Kill Crow3597d ago

the final product will be bug free when it's finally released ... in 2014

ravinshield3597d ago

dont worry they been doing that since who knows how long.


Kamikaze1353597d ago

This was very expected. Just like 360 owners expect a dead console, PS3 owners have to expect delay. Sony obviously isn't as organized as they should be.

-GametimeUK-3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

awesome comment...
suprises me that a service that was set for release over a year ago is still not released and only being made available in beta form lmao... The fact that its not even running perfect a year after sony's original release date says something about sony this gen period... when they said Oct 07 Playstation Home they must of obviously knew it wouldnt be ready if its taken this long...

The fact NXE was released before this is even more epic LOL and pure fail for Sony... And NXE is out unlike Home which will still be in beta phase rofl

Kain813597d ago

n4g runs on Beta2.0 see above in the corner my friend...

thereapersson3597d ago

Yeah, lol, and it still has its own fair share of problems.

Cajun Chicken3597d ago

But NXE isn't an actual online social world, its just a new OS based on the previously used interface of Windows Media Centre, basically, so I'm not at all impressed that MS released it before Home, or the fact MS had hardly no problems.

SWORDF1SH3597d ago

wasnt the nxe killin 360 consoles?? also anything thats online to this scale takes a lot of testin by beta users. thats why when home does launch it will run smoothly. nxe doesnt even come close to home on a technical level so do not compare them

Jeff2223597d ago

You xbox fanboys have to realize that home is coming whether you like it or not and its going to really screw u guys...

This of course was expected... if you didn't see it coming then well your not the brightest light on the "holiday tree"

Don't anyone forget ROME was not built in a day so why should HOME?

B-Rein3597d ago

nxe caused my 360 to freeze and resulted in data loss (lost all my save files)

gw4k3597d ago

This doesn't surprise anyone. We are used to this. Anyone remember Socom?

ultimolu3597d ago

Yes, because heaven forbid this was the final product.
This is nothing to have a massive heartattack over.

candystop3597d ago

And you PS3 fanboys need to realize that 360 is here to stay and will continue to dominate this generation over PS3 in software and services. Now it's great home is finally seeing the light day but ashame it's going to be playing catch up for awhile.

ultimolu3597d ago

You know you 360 fans should do?

Stop bragging about how ya'll are in the lead and play your many, many games you brag about on the daily basis.

SWORDF1SH3597d ago

you do realise nobody but 360 fanboys takes you serious. you have made yourself a clear fanboy so now nobody will even respect anything you say even if it has some truth. nothin wrong of havin a favourite console but jus keep the fanboy sh*t to yourself.

SiLeNt KNighT3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

yeah it's hilarious and im mad at sony because i pay good money for the PSN... oh wait thats, i dont... its free. whats more epic is the fact that live costs money and its gonna be the one playing catch up.

lives on par with nintendo wifi now. gotta love those mii's!

Anon19743597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You can't just take a beta, throw it out for 14 million subscribers to "have at er" and not expect there to be some bumps. Hell, XBL, a service you have to pay for and is already established was down for a month and a half last year for some people because they couldn't handle the Christmas traffic (thanks for the diving game, by the way. It sucked.)

And I seem to remembers delays in NXE's launch as well. It wasn't that long ago, I still remember that far back. By the way, my 360 Mii doesn't do anything. Is it supposed to?

The Killer3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

it doesnt bother at all, i mean the they killed the hype due to continues delays, am just looking forward when ever they release it, i am expecting HOME to come sometime before ps3 price cut!

Jeff2223597d ago

I never said you guys were going to go anywhere i am just letting you guys know that this is new and that its gonna affect xbox sales... I USED to own a 360 but decided that paying for something that i can get for free is not worth it so I sold that White LOUD thing so a nice sleek playstation 3

Anon19743597d ago

For a free title that never actually had a official launch to start with, countless delay's is quite the exaggeration and I don't think it will hurt sales of the title. Oh's not being sold so it doesn't matter.

Did the numerous Halo 3 delays kill the anticipation? Gears 2's delays? Bioshock? GTA4? NXE's delays? Mass Effect? How about when Forza 2 was delayed or games we're still waiting for like Halo Wars, Alan Wake, or Duke Nukem? Or how about the delays of every single game Nintendo has ever released (I swear it's every one)?

Face it, if delays killed anticipation for games there wouldn't be a gaming industry because no one would buy anything.

original seed3597d ago

SUCKS! Unless you like dancing with a bunch of [email protected] I'll wait for the game specific areas to appear to see what they have to offer. I think i'll just stick with the sorry XMb instead.

TheFreak3597d ago

Home has arrived :) FINALLY!

NowGen3597d ago

i've had the beta for 3 weeks, and no one is missing anything. except alot of weird stalking and gay dancing.

ravinash3597d ago

Home is what you make it.
If you create the environment and you are the one who interacts with the people in there and you think it suck?
Then what does that say about you?
That you don't have any imagination to create an environment and your too antisocial to hang out in public because you keep going round calling everyone c0cks.
I'm glad you hate it, it means I won't see you in there.

Rhoic3597d ago

Is this shouldn't be happening at all.. the crap that is going down for HOME should be considered the Alpha stage.. not Beta stage.. and how long has it been in development? It's just a freaking 3D social application. It really isn't that difficult to do for big companies.

prunchess3597d ago

A bit of downloading involved. I'm looking forward to playing about with this for a while. Different console experience this. Sony could be onto a winner here.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's a beta what do you expect in a beta, they did an open beta to work out the kinks for the real release? In a beta you release it so you can resolve any problems that the developers over looked. For those who think it's an easy task think again, this is design in my opinion very different than your typical persistent online games.

First of all whatever is in your HDD can be pushed into the 3D space, something not seen in online RPGs would be one example. In the end it's just a beta as Halo 3, Crysis, or Resistance 2 had, just in a larger scale. There is no other online service delivering anything close to PlayStation Home and yes NXE was released before Home. At the same time XNE is a menu system with added features this is a whole new application made specifically for social networking. Yes, you can compare the two in features, but not in a technical stand point.

Plus, I'm in it right now with no problems so this must be a region thing.

militant073596d ago


your samrt enought to say that.

jaysquared3596d ago

If you didnt expect anything released on the PS3 to not have problems then you have been living under a rock! Anthing released on the PS3 and uses PSN has problems! Warhawk, COD, LBP, Socom, MGO, Resistance, Motorstorm etc etc... But hey at least its free so no need to complain when your getting it for free..

rockleex3596d ago

Right... because Gears of War 2 has NO problems whatsoever with matchmaking.

And Halo 3 DOESN'T take 2 minutes for each matchmaking and just when its about to be done, it suddenly restarts the whole process all over again for another two minutes.

Well at least Xbox Live is free to play online.

/major sarcasm

Tarasque3596d ago

Please Sony have problems at launch, i don't believe it.

M3 Superhero3596d ago

"This was very expected. Just like 360 owners expect a dead console,"
- Kamikaze135

the thing is Home is just having technical problems n errors which is normal on a launch with like 15 millions ppl tryin a get in. lol n we ps3 owners dont expect home to be dead. *sigh*

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Cajun Chicken3597d ago

Hopefully still put up by tonight.

Raz3597d ago

I'm shocked. No, really, I am. <yawns>

I see the majority of comments on here are from people who probably haven't seen more than screenshots or articles. They're the ones being all apologetic for Sony and saying Home will be the best thing since the Playstation was first invented.

It's also easy to tell who actually has the closed beta - they're the ones basically saying "I'm underwhelmed; what is this crap?".

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it should have been LBP-oriented (design your own Home space); not Simmish (decorate your own Home space).

Maybe I'm completely out to lunch. Maybe in another year or two, when Sony FINALLY decides to unveil a completed product, it'll have changed so radically from the beta that I'll have no choice but to fall on my knees in utter awe of how wrong I was. ..But I wouldn't bet money on it, and Sony shouldn't either.

thereapersson3597d ago

The point of BETAS are to find bugs like this. Looks like they found a few before the general public did. No big deal - Sony will just continue to delay this until they get it right.

Personally, I expected as much. Their release date *did* seem a bit overly-ambitious. Here's hoping this issue doesn't take long to rectify.

Mikelarry3597d ago

Surprise. but this was expected hopefully they get it fixed asap as loads of ppl are gonna be pretty pissed