Xbox is working on a feature that mutes your speakers when a headset is plugged in

Microsoft is currently testing out a feature that will automatically mute your speakers whenever you plug a headset into your Xbox controller.

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Christopher48d ago

Do you know what would do this natively and wouldn't require extra work? HDMI-CEC.

Wikkid66647d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It's native. It doesn't mute the speakers... it just doesn't pass the audio out.

Christopher47d ago

So it achieves the exact same end result and exists already? Thanks for agreeing with me?

XbladeTeddy47d ago

If it doesn't pass the audio out then isn't that muting it...???

kayoss47d ago

Is anyone going to tell him?

Wikkid66646d ago

For the slow N4G crowd. It doesn't mute the speakers, so need for cec. It will not pass an audio signal to your TV or sound system. The only thing you need to is check the setting.

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NotoriousWhiz46d ago

Does HDMI-CEC also support not muting the TV when a headset is plugged in? Similar to how it works currently?

porkChop46d ago

Xbox already has HDMI-CEC though.

isarai47d ago

It doesn't already do this? Weird

Orpheo47d ago

I didn't know that, either. The PlayStation 4 has that feature.

Profchaos46d ago

Yeah I've got PS headset of I turn it on audio stops to the TV

RedDevils46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

My old Ps3 has it too. That's 3 generations ago.

Ron_Danger47d ago

I have a vintage mid mod record player cabinet from 1951 that mutes the speakers when you plug in headphones.

That’s a pretty surprising feature to not have on the fanboy proclaimed “most powerful console ever.”

Tacoboto47d ago

I realized this only a week ago. Consoles go to the TV which outputs to my receiver, so I've always kept my receiver powered off with a headset in... that headset being the Xbox Wireless one (so this isn't just for wired plug-ins)

"Wow, Dolby Atmos really does sound good" - nah, that was just the rear speaker right behind my head

FlyGuyHung47d ago

No, but I actually LOVE that it doesnt. Cause I like to game with headphones on but live with people who like watching me play, if they get rid of this feature I wouldn't be able to anymore. Its easy to just mute your TV or turn the volume down when alone. I know I'm probably alone on this but just the other day I was lamenting my PS5 not doing this. I hope they add the option to toggle this so everyone wins in this situation.

NotoriousWhiz46d ago

Ditto. I use the headset to increase my immersion but I also like having the sound out the TV for when people are watching me (or playing with me).

Teflon0246d ago

They could just do what PS5 does and allow you to choose in the option. I have my ps5 where audio plays through the TV and chat plays through headphones. You just have to go into the actual audio settings and not the quick menu to do it. I do it because I stream sometimes, so I get what you mean.

zachyBROosevelt46d ago

Literally just figured out this was a real Problem first hand. I scrolled through the internet looking for answers and soon came to realize it’s not a feature. There is some rare way to make it only come out of headset but you would need to go pretty deep into settings on each plug in and plug out of your headset. To be honest, the Xbox party system is pales in comparison to ps and ps defiantly has its flaws as well. Should have bought discord that one time that was supposedly going to happen.

Kurt Russell46d ago

So it does it automatically if I am using a wireless headset.
But if I am plugging in a wired one to the controller, it doesn't.

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CrimsonWing6947d ago

I just press mute on the TV remote.

Majors47d ago

But some tvs will have "Mute" or the speaker icon on the screen until you unmute.
You could just reduce the tv volume to 0 though

CrimsonWing6947d ago

True, just volume it down to 0.

zachyBROosevelt46d ago

Yes mine sure does. “Just put the volume to 1” you say? Unacceptable

Darkborn47d ago

I don't understand. The ps4 did this when it launched. I thought this was just a normal thing that you plug in the headset and all audio goes through the headset.

DJStotty47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

No, xbox has never done this and it is not really a pressing issue, i only use my headset for party chat on xbox, i have a cinema system for the game audio, much better than trying to distinguish what is game, and what your trying to communicate with friends.

For those that do want the tv muted, just mute the tv with that button on the remote.

Darkborn47d ago

So an issue is a non issue?

Rude-ro47d ago

Say that to the players that are hearing your game audio. 😂

Christopher47d ago

You're the person I keep muting because of all the noise going through your microphone then?

And, the fact that Microsoft is looking into a way to fix this obviously means it's not a pressing issue?

zahdab47d ago

so it's not an issue for you? doesnt mean its not an issue for everyone else

Darkborn47d ago

The thing that's funny to me is anything that xbox has to do to go around stuff doesn't matter. You can just mute the TV in a few seconds thousands or tens of thousands of times and it's ok. But to use a screwdriver and 2 minutes of my time to install a secondary m.2 SSD to my ps5 to have up to 4TB of the fastest storage available is a burden and simply plugging in the proprietary slower and soon to be more expensive xbox series SSD is the best way to go because it takes 2 seconds and is the only way to add more storage to a series S which is digital only. OK, playstation is still the villain.

dbcoops46d ago

Apparently its enough of a pressing issue for xbox to be working on a solution

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BrainSyphoned47d ago

They have only had this controller for 8 years give them a break.

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