God of War Ragnarok Product Page Is Now Live, New Screenshots and Key Features Revealed

Sony Santa Monica has revealed the official God of War Ragnarok product page, showing off new screenshots and key features for the game.

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SullysCigar42d ago

This games hype level is insane. Cannot wait!

Aloymetal42d ago

Yup, first half of next year is gonna be awesome.

excaliburps42d ago

I just hope it lives up to it. I mean, we're going to be battling Freya, Thor and Odin in one game??

dbcoops41d ago

I have faith in Santa Monica Studios.

solideagle42d ago

please please please release this in February, almost nothing in Feb 2022. /s :p

Phlacky42d ago

Horizon Forbidden West?..

Vithar42d ago

Feb/March is going to kill my wallet, now elden ring moved there too ....

EvertonFC42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Just buy the 1 game each month and by the time you've finished them they'll be a sale on no doubt on the other games you want to play from the feb/March massive catalogue.

pr33k3342d ago

im hoping they space it some time in the 2nd half of 2022

jBlakeeper42d ago

It definitely will not be released in the first half so no worries. With HFW, GT7, and Forspoken all releasing in the first half it would screw up sales for those games.

Atticus_finch42d ago

Next year is going to be unreal for PS5. Too much greatness.

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dbcoops41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Don't bother replying to that guy its a 3hr old new alt account from the same guy that was trolling a few weeks back. He's a clown just report him and ignore him.

moriarty188942d ago

Got to love Sony and the confidence they have in there first party games. They show screens and gameplay unlike other companies well in advance and they look great. This game will be incredible and sell like crazy. Cant wait.

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Hellcat202042d ago

Kratos skills will be tested like never before?
I've defeated all the Valkyries so Bring it!

41d ago
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