Firefox AdBlock Plus Reaches Version 1.0 Milestone

AdBlock Plus is a tool that's incredibly useful for browsing the Internet, but also a thumb in the eye of the Internet at large. AdBlock Plus is a plug-in for the Firefox browser, with one goal: it kills ads dead. In most cases, the plug-in even reorganizes the browser content on the page to eliminate the ads.

Adding AdBlock Plus results in a faster, smoother browsing experience. Unfortunately, it also means that the sites you're surfing that depend on ads for revenue, and their existence, potentially lose money.

So here's the deal: I'm telling you that AdBlock Plus has jumped from a 0.7 status to the full 1.0 release. You can peruse the changelog, but the upshot is that the plug-in is stable (save for at least one key bug in MacOS X.)

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