How to Prevent Burn-In on your Nintendo Switch OLED

With Nintendo Switch OLED offering a much nicer picture than the previous model, it comes with one downside, burn-in.

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Hawk19866646d ago

Don't play it. It's the only way. OLED is good.... For a while.

Neonridr46d ago

my 2016 LG OLED (E6) along with my newer C9 are perfectly fine. Assuming you don't leave a static image on the display for umpteen hours at a time you will be fine.

EvertonFC45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Agreed my friend kicked off with his OLED burn in on his TV but forgets to mention he falls asleep everh night on the sofa with the BBC news logo sitting in the screen all night, he also gets the youtube logo burn in too.
I told him put sleep mode on the TV after a hour of inactivity which he failed to do.
I find most burn in problems is the user and not the screen itself tbh.

justadelusion45d ago

this is why OLED are overrated, 'burn in' shouldnt be a thing anymore. then again, neither should weak hand held gaming devices, but here we are

DEKUX1245d ago ShowReplies(1)
IcedOmega1345d ago

That's why it should have been a Qled switch

Atticus_finch45d ago

Burn is inevitable if you plan on gaming for a few hours at full brightness. I wouldn't recommend one for kids. You should have no problems if you game in low brightness.
I predict many second hand switches with burn in in a year from now.