Opinion: The Sad Ending to EA's 2008 Narrative

Electronic Arts looked to be truly in the midst of a spiritual turnaround this year, garnering cautious optimism from an audience that once demonized it. Yet the kinder, gentler EA couldn't make its numbers this year -- Gamasutra news director Leigh Alexander reflects on one of the year's most complex stories.

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Menchi3600d ago

Well, it shows what the gaming populace is like.

More willing to chow down on rehashed shooters, and the same generic and overdone stories, over new, innovative and engaging gameplay.

What's worse, is that except for a few, most "gaming journalists" are just as blinded by these typical, predictable and in my opinion, fairly bland games.

I'll be happy knowing I purchased some gems that deserved to be bought. It's just a shame that we'll see less and less of them, in favor of the mindless kids who don't appreciate a game, because, in the words of one of the worlds worst offenders "it needs more guns"

Harry1903600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

or even publicly mention the fact that I am,but you deserved positive feedback here.

Gamasutra > N4G. And any other gaming site.

I am very happy with the games I bought, 'gems' included and I will always give a 'go' with games that push beyond the current paradigms even though the execution is not always flawless.

The majority of customers are fed by marketing and misleading ad campaigns.

yog-sothot3600d ago

Now let's wait to see what EA is going to do. They might make a bet on the future with support to innovation and some deep changes (sequels not every year, not all the games for the holydays...) - which means keep doing what they started since the return of Riticiello. Or they might go back to their old sad habits (a new Fifa, Sims and Madden every year with nothing else). Unfortunately, the current krash will likely make them chose the second way...

Gorgon3600d ago

They better not screew that Suda-51 title he's developing for EA...

Enigma_20993599d ago

... and maybe I'd give a rat's a** about them now.