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In the wake of Metroid Dread, Mike & Alex discuss the enduring merits of the decades-old metroidvania progression style. The argument: 2D adventure games with metroidvania progression are innately suitable for developers with limited experience & resources alongside strong artistic abilities & a well-conceived world. Metroidvania also scales well to larger budgets & diverse art styles, potentially even 3D perspective, due to the universality of its conceits. It even encourages remote community participation, a sort of “extrinsic multiplayer”, in wiki culture.

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PhillyDillyDee38d ago

When a game in this genre is tuned well, the power creep of adding features to your character is one of the most rewarding aspects.

Seeing areas that you cant access yet and making mental notes of their location. Easily running through areas that previously gave you a lot of trouble. Gradual escalation of the skill ceiling with the addition of combat and traversal powers. Sequence breaking.

Playing a well-crafted metroidvania can be such a rewarding experience. There’s a reason this style is still around almost 30 years after its inception (using super metroid as the reference).

It seems it is also a style that the big companies haven't quite figured out how to monetize yet. Maybe they dont sell well enough to make it on their radar?

Lexreborn238d ago

I still feel like Lords of Shadows was the best modern take on the style. Not the second one that game was all over the place not a terrible game but not as good as the first and mirror of fate.

I still don’t agree on the pricing for dread though a lot of its core mechanics are good. I still don’t feel like it’s notable flaws are being acknowledged.

Sephiroushin38d ago

I still feel like Lament of Innocence was better, and although I kind of agree on the price of dread i still paid it an enjoyed it more than some games i has paid full price or some that I have dropped them in a few days ...

Lexreborn238d ago

Individual value is always amplified by individual experience. I got Tales of Arise and am having far more fun with that then Dread. But, I'm not basing the value on my personal enjoyment that's irrelevant my friend who played it as well isn't as impressed with Tales of Arise as I am. I am judging on the merits of what is available in the package and definitely feel like the product should be 30-40 bucks overall. That's being generous as well.