Interview: 8-4 and New Potential for Localization

Could localization be the key to bridging cultural gaps between Japanese and Western games?

Gamasutra asked Tokyo-headquartered firm 8-4, who has provided localization services to major companies including Bandai Namco, Nintendo, Sony, and Konami -- partners John Ricciardi and Hiroko Minamoto also work as Japan correspondents for consumer site 1UP.

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Harry1903601d ago

but there is a big reveal about a secret Sony project in there. Oh poor poor N4G.

hazeblaze3600d ago

Yea, I actually stopped reading after I read that part... I wonder what game they are referring to??? Did they do any work on the Yakuza games??? I'm assuming they are working on a game that has already come out in Japan... if not, maybe it's one of the rpg's Sony Japan is rumored to be working on!

Skyreno3600d ago