Genshin Impact Aloy Crossover Character Development was “Important and Difficult”

miHoYo recently shared that the development of Aloy as the first crossover character of Genshin Impact that she was "important and difficult." They also revealed that there was one particular reason they chose her as their first crossover character.

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ecchiless41d ago

and she is worst that 4* chars.... smh

CptDville41d ago

Just as anything else you get for free in this game.

ecchiless41d ago

ah no, noelle is great, xinqui, bennet, amy, theres 4*s that are better that her.

Teflon0241d ago

Imagine thinking you got a unit so good you wouldn't want beyond else lol. Mihoyo wasn't going to do that. Also she's not that bad. She does need some adjustments to actually be good though. Still don't get why they made her Cryo of all things smh

Stanjara41d ago

Frozen Wildlands. I don't like her in genshin at all. Promotional character Alloy Musk.

ecchiless41d ago

But she is not good either, there are 4*s chars that are better that her... that is bad, a real shame for the char.
And before any1 else think i hate the char, no, i have her at 80, with the stringless and good artifacts, she works "decent" for melt burst, but other chars can do better.

Teflon0241d ago

Some 4 stars are more effective than 5 stars. That's not an argument at all. She's fine, not amazing but gets the job done. It's not that serious tbh. I wouldn't care if master chief was in it. It's a Chinese game following Japanese while milking people til they're dry. I'm happy for a free character. My only real issue is that her bomblet cooldown shouldn't exist

cartoonx141d ago

she's genshin's first 3* character as well specially with that red card.