Which edition of Forza Horizon 5 should you purchase?

The Outerhaven writes: Here's a breakdown of every Forza Horizon 5 edition, and what includes, and what version we recommend purchasing.

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darthv7245d ago

all the versions are available digitally (regular, deluxe & premium) but only one is available physically. And that is the regular. I dont get why there is no deluxe steelbook edition like there usually is. Im still buying it on disc even though I have it preloaded through gamepass.

Neonridr44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

studios making questionable decisions nowadays. Look at Sony with Horizon. The Collectors and Regalia editions come with all these cool extras including a steelbook but you only get a digital code for the game. Imagine having a steelbook with nothing to put in it XD

4Sh0w44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Gamepass for me...but I'll let Playground know I appreciate their hardwork and outright buy the season pass later on.

Jericho133744d ago

That is the correct answer 👍

CR7JUVE189744d ago

Somebody just won the internet today

badz14944d ago

with the game available day 1 on GP, if you have an internet connection, the GP version is THE version to buy.

Gaming4Life198144d ago

I'm a get the game pass edition and then spend 50 for the season pass.

medman44d ago

That's what I did. The 50 was worth it to me for what it offers.

SpineSaw44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Will the Game Pass version include future DLC content or this is a basic game and if you want any add-ons you'll purchase as you please....anyone? Also will Forza 5 ever be removed from the service?

Z23ash44d ago

It’s the base game in game pass. There’s a deal if you want to upgrade it to vip without buying the base game though. I tend to get that at launch and then pick the base game up when it goes on sale. The stuff in the ultimate is well worth the £35.

Phoenix02944d ago

It will be removed from the service but not for a good few years. The licences run out but it tends to be a long time.

HellspawnPR198144d ago

Fours years. That's how long the licenses for Forza games last.

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