Far Cry 6 Special Operations are Awesome

CG writes: Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has a lot in common with its Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Division. A new addition to Far Cry are the special operations missions which we think are pretty awesome and a welcome break from the regular gameplay. Take a look at the video which shows us completion one such mission solo.

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Rebel_Scum48d ago

Friggin hard is what they are. Although all I've attempted is the one where you've gotta collect some item that you've got to keep cool by topping it up with water or keeping it out of the sun.

camel_toad48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

That's the only one I've played so far and i played it solo. I tagged the water sources as I made my way through the mission and stayed in stealth as much as possible. Most of my kills came from Oluso though so maybe that made it easy. - but I never saw more than a handful of enemy soldiers at any one time.

I don't remember it being any more difficult than any of the other normal missions but maybe I got lucky.

XbladeTeddy48d ago

^ You got lucky or you found a better way than me as I'm struggling.

Christopher48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

How? The last part of the whole mission spams them on you, including a helicopter.

I got it on the 3rd attempt, but it took a bit to find the best spots to stay and ensure you were in the shade. Luckily I had unlocked a unique burning damage LMG that helped a ton.

XbladeTeddy48d ago

Yeah, I'm struggling with that one. So far I've failed 4 times because it blew up but I will win!

REDGUM48d ago

It's a great mission. I did it solo not realising how hard it can be.


You don't need to kill everyone on the way to get the item and nor do you to make it back out of there. On the way back I stuck to the right hand side of the map as there are more trees there to not let it overheat so quickly in the shady areras.

I found on the LHS more water areas to cool down but it was way more open to heat up quicker.

Once you get back to the last set of buildings on the RHS you can climb the rocks as it's more direct back to the main town centre.

I'm on PS5 if you wanted to play some co-op.

Good luck. It's a great game.