Battlefield 2042 maps will be made smaller for Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone will take place in smaller sections of the seven All-Out Warfare maps in Battlefield 2042

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Shiro17341d ago

Wack. This mode is such a disappointment. I was hoping for a 200 man BR with jets, and tanks n all out war.

REDGUM41d ago

I dunno about that. You're description sounds more like a chaos moshpit than a strategic battlefield game, sounds like fun though. For me, I like the new mode and brings together the main element of the battlefield series, Teamwork and squads. I'm looking forward to hitting these new maps, and old, with some mates.

Akuma2000041d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Can’t wait to play hazard zone, gonna be more strategic teamwork gameplay from your 4 man squad than just an all out bullet spray fest.