Xbox has revealed plans for a 20th anniversary digital broadcast

Microsoft has confirmed plans to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary next month with a special digital broadcast.

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Lightning7739d ago

Hopefully Halo Infinite gameplay will be present there.

Tacoboto39d ago


Expectation: Campaign Trailer
Actual: The first footage of a player unlocking the samurai cosmetics available in Season 1 of the MP

Lightning7739d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Lol man the internet would shut down with rage if they did that. I understand they're still Polishing it, but It's now or never at this point. How much longer can they realistically wait? A day or a week before launch? That's just crazy.

NeoGamer23239d ago

From the article:

“While we won’t announce any new games, this anniversary broadcast will be a special look back at 20 years of Xbox. We’ll share more details soon, so stay tuned.”

Looks like just a celebration of the past, not a showing for the forward.

Lightning7739d ago

As expected yeah. That might announce some BC compatibility games. That's as far as games go.

DJStotty39d ago

"won't announce any new games" does not translate to "will not show current games in development"

NeoGamer23238d ago

I think they are trying to set expectations and focus on celebrating 20 years of XB. You are correct that they could show new footage of currently being developed games, but personally, I think the expectation should be an XB 20 year recap, not new footage. I would go in with the bar set low.

moriarty188939d ago (Edited 39d ago )

One can hope. It will propably be the usual GAMEPASS this and that by MS.

gamer780439d ago (Edited 39d ago )

hopefully campaign gameplay

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autobotdan39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So November 15th is the day they will have a live streamed event. You can bet that is going to be the day the original Xbox games on the recent 'leaked' list like Dead Or Alive 3 and Gunvalkrie will be announced for backwards compatibility

Lightning7739d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Gun Valkyrie, Otogi 1 and 2 need to make a come back.

Advent Rising was crazy fun even if it was a atrocious buggy mess. Bring back that Bruce Lee game.

Ugh man... 6 gen remain undefeated both PS2 and Xbox back then.

DJStotty39d ago

Also November the 15th is the 20th anniversary of Halo : Combat Evolved.

Just saying...

autobotdan39d ago

Also the 20th anniversary of Dead or Alive 3

autobotdan39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Less than 30 days away till the announcement of more original xbox games added to backwards compatibility. Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Advent Rising and Gunvalkrie were leaked recently

b3l0kk39d ago

new backwards compatibility game drops


Honestly im disappointed in this annivesary year the offering in terms of games is lame and don't point halo and forza.....they shld have been two other AAA surprises......

4Sh0w39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Im dissapointed also...overall imo although the hardware is top notch, its been the worst launch of a console gen for both xbox & ps, although ps5 has had a bit stronger year so far imo NOW with Halo & Forza Im getting 2 of my favorite IP's soon so Im still excited to get my hands on 'em, especially Halo Infinite. I dont think all is forgiven, Im very vocal about them doing better in regards to delivering quality 1st party games throughout the year but again that won't stop my excitement for Forza5 & Halo Infinite.

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