Apple considers launching a cloud gaming service like Google Stadia

Apple considered launching a cloud gaming service along with Apple Arcade, revealed journalist Mark Gurman’s PowerOn newsletter in Bloomberg.

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Snakeeater2547d ago

With no good games like Amazon and google

BrainSyphoned47d ago

Neither does Xbox but MS still dreams of streaming to billions. Apple however already has a billion hardware users. Apple's net worth is also 1.4 trillion higher than MS so they could easily take a page from Phil Spencer and just try to buy success.

cartoonx147d ago

those trillions didnt help google tho.

bloop47d ago

This is bizarre. Have they not been paying attention to what happened with Stadia??

carrotcakeag47d ago

After consideration they still haven't done it so maybe they agree with you.

Magog47d ago

Apple's fan base doesn't want high end graphics they just want slot machines disguised as games. No need for the cloud.