Tom's Games Review: Mirror's Edge

Tom's Games: "The story in Mirror's Edge involves the main character Faith and her crew of messengers who make deliveries using very unconventional methods. The game's setting is slightly futuristic, with a city that is virtually overrun with big brother-type control over the people. Faith has a personal tie to the old days when the people were able to protest and speak their mind without as much concern, but lost her mother as a result of a protest gone wrong. The people have since become a bit more subservient to the government and corporations in the city, with the exception of the runners which Faith associates with in her adult life.

The story kicks off with Faith encountering her sister during a job in which the police are uncharacteristically aggressive, and learning of a murder for which her sister is quickly blamed. Faith then finds herself going from a relatively small blip on the radar to a virtual known terrorist, and she tries to find out the truth behind the murder and the most recent aggression by the police force against the runners and Faith's sister. With plot twists aplenty, Mirror's Edge does a good job of keeping you on your toes so to speak."

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