Games on Net: Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Games.On.Net: "Grand Theft Auto IV, as you probably already know, is one of the most celebrated console releases of recent times. When Rockstar announced the game was also coming to PC, there was much rejoicing, along with whispered concerns regarding the possibility of it being "just another console port". The more optimistic members of the gaming community, driven by sales figures and strong reviews, proclaimed that it would be "the best thing to happen in PC gaming this year".

Though the title itself has been massively over-hyped by web and print media alike, Rockstar's latest instalment in the franchise is a competent effort – but by no means as perfect as many would tend to suggest. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV sees a return to Liberty City, where gamers step into the shoes of Niko Belic, a European immigrant who has just arrived in America."

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