No Uncharted and Far Cry 2 Home Spaces for Europe today

Home Manager TedTheDog has just revealed that the Uncharted Drake's Fortune and Far Cry 2 game spaces will not be available today in the European region, although North America will see both these 2 spaces later today.

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Hellsvacancy3601d ago

To access the Us Home just log in or create a Us Psn - Simple

Xulap3601d ago

.. For people like me, at least.

I want Home to play with my friends, and meet new people, of course.
I won't be able to play with my friends if I play in some other region. And I'm sure more people feel like me.

Anyway, I'm from North America. So, no problem here.

pp3601d ago

Home is for Losers and their's plenty of ps3 losers on this site.

Hellsvacancy3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

U should get Home NOW if its for losers

THC CELL3601d ago

pp go get a troll to lay man

Make us account happy

Hercules3601d ago

or are home articles taking over n4g? the same people who said that they loss interest in home?

SL1M DADDY3601d ago

We have a winner folks. You picked up on it too as I did early on. So many folks a few days and weeks ago were talking trash about how Home has been delayed so often and how it has lost complete interest but yet, how many articles are flooding the web talking about the open beta of Home? A ton!

Thanks for solidifying my thoughts and proving once again that despite all the hate for Sony, the same haters still keep an open eye for all that Sony is doing. It's pretty humorous if you ask me. lol

Bubbles to you.

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