Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack: Is It Worth It?

With the price of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, people may wonder if the purchase is a good one that's worth an investment.

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PhillyDillyDee102d ago

The jump from $20 a year to $50 seems pretty steep when just looking at the additional value added. Just comparing the price to a year of XBL or PSN also tells a story of its own.

You know what would’ve made me bust open my wallet for this? Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games instead of SEGA games, which can be found quite easily (and legally) from various other sources.

But what do I know? Oh, right. I know people expect Nintendo to sell and provide access to their own IPs.

Snookies12102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

I just want them to add more games in general... It's still such a limited selection of games, I seriously miss just outright re-buying older games at this point. Should include Gamecube titles as well for an extra $30 a year. It's definitely not worth it overall.

Neonridr102d ago

it's possible this new pricing could include further consoles down the road. Here's hoping anyways.

OtterX101d ago

@Neonridr Maybe, but we're 4 1/2 years into the Switch's life... we should be expecting more right now, not later in the future. :\

JimmyDM90101d ago


This is Nintendo we’re talking about. Odds are if they add more consoles down the line we’re going to see that subscription price go up even further. Especially if it’s a more recent console like the GameCube.

Zhipp101d ago

If they start adding several titles every month I'll start singing a different tune, but with the titles they're offering right now that price is a complete joke.

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luckytrouble101d ago

Lackluster retro game selection, exceptionally slow improvement, and quite literally more than 10 years behind the competition in online features and infrastructure. Is that worth paying $50 a year to mostly just use the garbage online service? Even game selection aside, Nintendo hasn't earned the right to even charge the $20 per month they do, much less $50. Although more desirable game platforms would help, it would be a lot nicer if they just had a competent, modern online service that actually compares to the services they're competing against now in the same annual price range.

PhillyDillyDee101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

You wrote mixed price points but Its $20 a year and $50 a year respectively. So not nearly as bad as what you described. tho your points still stand, the value is considerably better than if they were charging per month.

Neonridr102d ago

not with what you get initially. Maybe someday if they add the entire library of Sega consoles along with a crap ton of N64 games.

Seraphim101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

for $85-90 annually. It's Nintendo, I don't see them adding additional consoles and sticking with that $50 price point. Didn't a lot of people think they'd add more consoles at that $20 price point eventually? I feel like that was the discussion and silver lining when Online was announced.... perhaps I'm wrong though.

Now if they added Gamecube and Saturn games I could see $50/yr. But yeah, the current model is not worth $50. at least not to me. Especially but not limited to in comparison to a PS+ or Gold.

KingofBandits101d ago

no your remember correctly, people thought at least the GBC/GBA would be added to this for continued value but as often is the case with Nintendo that did not happen.

mynameisBlade102d ago

The simple/easy answer. FUCK NO..... IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

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thesoftware730102d ago

If you really want all the games they offer and any upcoming ones, then yes!

For me it is worth it, I throw away $50 a week on crap food..skip a meal or 2 at applebees, cook something at home and you will have enjoyment of these classics for a whole year, in one convenient place with added features, online with some of these will be great fun.

MrBlais102d ago

In all honesty, cooking at home doesn’t really save you that much money. Unless you’re cool with bland, tasteless chicken and ramen for a week, then sure, you’re good.

On topic though, as much as I like Nintendo, they don’t offer enough incentive to pay an addition $30 to their service just to add a handful of old games, a new expansion to a game that not everyone plays, and the same, unstable, online experience that still doesn’t offer native voice chat in 2021. Opting for that weird phone workaround is kinda embarrassing at this point.

thesoftware730101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

You sir need to take cooking lessons if your home cooked food is bland.
Or at least get with a significant other that can cook.

and yes it does save money!, One 10 pack of premium angus beef burgers...$17, good burger buns $4, toppings, $6, bag of french fries..$5, I drink water..but lets say $5 for a big bottle of something.

$37 you can eat burgers and fries for about 1 week, even 5 days.

Applebees burgers and fries $13 and if you eat at the restaurant, you probably pay a tip...

So 13X5=$65 or 13X7=91

opposed to $37...and if you throw in variables like a significant other, you still pay more eating out..a lot more.

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