Priest Simulator confirmed for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Neil writes: "Ultimate Games love a simulator, and on the back of a variety of other options like Farm Mechanic Simulator, comes the confirmation that Priest Simulator will be coming to PC and consoles."

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Vengeance113842d ago

So we can diddle little boys too? If not then its not much of a simulator.

dumahim42d ago

Well, there's a single comment here and my joke has already been taken.

TheDoomedGuy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Oh yeah and so they can visit all the covid patients that are dying? If not then it wouldn't be much of a simulator.

Not just covid but also every single deadly disease since recorded history.

But yes homosexuality has been an issue in the priesthood as most homosexuals have used it as cover and lied and BS'd their way into positions that allowed them to diddle little boys.

Army_of_Darkness42d ago

That's probably how you re-energize 🤣🤣

DVAcme41d ago

It's the obvious joke... but it's also the funniest.

WillyC00941d ago

Man, I’m way to late and you beat me to it hahaha. Well played!

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LordoftheCritics42d ago

So this is what potential priests imagine their life would be like.

BongSmack42d ago

If I made this game, I'd be too embarrassed to show it to the world.

Army_of_Darkness42d ago

Just rename it to "in the name of righteousness" see, already less embarrassing 👍😉

TheDoomedGuy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

A priest simulator wouldn't be anything like this...if they simulated priests before modern times you'd get some pretty gory would be more like a survival game actually.

You'd go around spreading the good news and trying to avoid death....although many priests didn't even try that.

This is more of a satire than a simulator.

Spenok41d ago

"More" satire? This is just straight satire.

TheDoomedGuy41d ago

So why call it a simulator?

Spenok41d ago

That's a very good question. I'll be honest and say I was expecting something completely different when I read the name. But how many "Priests" have you EVER heard of going around shooting "shatinists" with guns, beating people with bats, shooting magic out of their hands, and stabbing "demons"?

This is definitely not where near a simulator.

TheDoomedGuy40d ago

Well you got the miracles.....but those would look more like defensive spells rather than shooting magic at demons.

It's a bit of a shame...i could totally see a dark and gritty realistic game where you're a priest and face demons...maybe each representing one of the capital sins or vices. Simple weaponry would suffice. Maybe a crusader sword, upgradable cross, different kinds of relics that provide passive bonuses, some subtle abilities but nothing to crazy. They could look at the psalms for inspiration. Shield of faith, armor of light...stuff like that could be really cool if taken seriously.

Terry_B42d ago

Getting Postal Vibes here

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