The ArmChair Empire Review - MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

ArmChair Empire: " Following up the popular MotorStorm would seem to be a admirable challenge, so the first step was to increase the number of available maps. Instead of the 8 in the original, you now get 16 maps to chew on. These aren't your typical courses either, with a huge amount of mixed terrain to rip up – you have to find a line to run that will best suit your chosen vehicle be it bikes, ATVs, buggies, rally cars, racing trucks, mudpluggers, big rigs or the epitome of excessiveness monster trucks. As the races progress, some courses will even deform as they are being run on, mud patches increasing – spray from other racers affecting your own visibility, debris being moved into inopportune locations to contend with. Each course does have a ton of different features and mixed terrain, so it can be a challenge to not only plan what you need to do, but how to accomplish it with your current ride. Races can feature up to 16 vehicles, and can involve a lot of rubbing and contact for those looking to engage in it.

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