GamerLimit Review: Far Cry 2

GamerLimit: "Far Cry 2 may be a lot of things, but it sure isn't a stress relief. Finishing the whole game is quite and engaging experience and will take well up to 3 days even for the more skilled. This is not a 6-7 hour shooting experience.

The beginning of the game brings up a few files from which you have to choose a look that matches you, but you'll find out that if you aren't above 40 or Jackie Chan none will probably have your look. Not that it matters really since you won't be seeing your face in the entire game anyway. The only difference it will make is which of the supermodel/martial artists will be your best friend. The real game's beginning starts you off in a car where all you have to do for what it seems to be half an hour is look around, while the driver says things you probably don't care about. You do find out that your mission is to kill a weapon merchant called the Jackal, but a series of events leads to you waking up with the Jackal in the same room and while he has a gun an a machete and you've got malaria. He lets you live and soon you're forced to go into the open and receive a million bullets before collapsing and being dragged to your new "boss"."

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