Honest Gamers Review - Pet Pals: New Leash on Life

Honest Gamers: "Pet Pals: New Leash on Life isn't all snuggles and kisses. Through 38 patient examinations, you'll have to prevent permanent paralysis, amputate injured toes, and even extract cancerous tumors. Only after a successful treatment will an animal – be it a dog, cat, macaw, chinchilla, or iguana -- have a chance to frolic and relax. Even then, the brief interaction is framed within a serious context, as preparation for a successful adoption. You're not going to find a playful new e-pet here.

When New Leash on Life begins, you step into the stethoscope of the new veterinarian at an animal rescue. A little black kitten named Sunshine introduces you to the basics of treatment. First, you question the vet techs – always personable yet professional – about the cat's condition by choosing pertinent questions from a list. Then it's time to take a closer look with a magnifying glass; you can always zoom-in and focus on a particular part of a patient's body. After that, you weigh the subject, take a pulse, listen to breathing, and measure temperature. You actually have to take the renal thermometer, move to the posterior, and click on the kitten's rear to get a reading. Every breed is rendered in 3-D, so it's instructive to see how each apparatus is actually used. Unless it's too gross. Thankfully, the administration of the thermometer isn't actually shown, unlike all the other items.

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