Sony Pictures Entertainment to Sell GSN Games Division to Scopely for $1 Billion writes "Sony Pictures Entertainment announced a deal to sell GSN Games, a division of Game Show Network, to mobile-games company Scopely for about $1 billion in cash and stock."

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sammarshall10248d ago

Sounds like a great deal that 1 billion can be used for more 1st party games or acquisitions

Profchaos48d ago

Sony pictures so probably not going into games

TheDoomedGuy47d ago

I hope not for more acquisitions. besides Kojima i don't really see any other purchase that would be fair to gamers. Maybe square enix since back in the day all it's games were exclusive to playstation.

AmUnRa47d ago

Tell that to MS, Phil sayd they gonna buy more now third party studios, to kep them from other gamers....

BehindTheRows47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It isn’t about “fair”. It’s business. Whether you like it or not is another matter.

I’d be more concerned with Microsoft breaching “fairness”, since they’ve proven they are willing to purchase publishers with MULTIPLE multiplatfom properties.

neutralgamer199247d ago

I think we are far removed from fair now. The same gamers who were celebrating Sony and Ms acquisitions will cry foul if square Enix, Capcom, Sega etc go next

In my opinion both Ms and Sony should buy smaller studios and naturally let them grow but instead when we have multi billion dollar companies going at it we know they will buy publishers(especially after Ms bought Bethesda)

Big publishers should be left independent so all gamers can enjoy their games

In my opinion if publishers were to be bought this is how it could go: Sony will Target square Enix and Capcom. Quite a few years ago when square were struggling they asked Sony to buy their shares and once things settled down they bought those shares back from Sony. So if it comes to it I think they would sell to Sony(as long as the price is the same) and Sony had just as strong of a partnership with Capcom too. Now what's interesting is Ms has a really great partnership with Sega

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Hofstaderman47d ago

@neutralgamer1992. You correct, Sony bought around 1% of Square after the Spirits Within movie bombed at the box office. They unfortunately did not have a say when Square moved Hironobu out of the position of CEO and merged with Enix which for me represented the death knell of the Golden SquareSoft days.
The very remote possibility of Sony purchasing Square would make sense but this would be very unlikely. I often fantazise they would and invite Sakaguchi back as CEO together with the old team members that worked on final fantasy to restore the franchise to its former glory.

TheDoomedGuy47d ago


Yeah I'm aware MS is doing this and I hate it far more due to the companies they're buying.

I'm fully aware it's business but this type of business can and does hurt public perception.

Sayai jin47d ago

@Neutral, I think these companies are playing the "long game". As far as business, which is the main reason why these companies exist, they will do what is best for their investors. I would prefer most games being 3rd party, not even a fan of 3rd party timed exclusives, but that's just business. I would prefer that these companies geow internally and aqcuire personnel to build up or create new studios. I was suprised at all these early acquisitions, but after looking subjectively, I am now surprised anymore...remember long game.

@Alphelion, true, but to be fair Sony doesn't have the equity to buy publishers and large 3rd party developers. Sony is a gaming juggernaut and a multi billion company, while Microsoft gaming isnt a global leader like Sony, but their company as a whole is a jiggeenaught, as a nulti trillion dollar company. Sony can't get into a spending spree with MS. They don't have to either. They can continue to make smaller, targeted deals. Sony has a proven recipe for this. Microsoft can make large deals, but that doesn't need to gaurantee success. I think Sony will make key deals, ehile Microsoft will grab another publisher and make smaller target putchases with conoanies that are presently making games for them.

In the end, these conpanies have to let these devsrun themselves to flourish creativity, this is more what MS needs to do as Sony already does this.

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Sayai jin47d ago

Smh...not even the same division.

SullysCigar47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Do you honestly think Microsoft paid $7.5bn for their multi-developer acquisition using only money they've made from Xbox division..?

Edit: no response, just a disagree. Classy lol

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Sayai jin47d ago

@SullyCigar, huh? No response. You left yoir message and I haven't been on to reply until now.

I stated "Smh...not even the same division. Which is a fact. Is it not? Yet, you came up with an enitre different convo. When did I mentiom Microsoft? What does this have to do with Movrosoft? You had an entire conversation in your head that never took olace or made up a response from me in your head. That's nonsensical.

Lastly, you commented that I didn't comment and left a disagree. See above and no, I did not leave a dislike.
I wasnt even on until now. Man, you are all over the place.

Since, you asked a question off a make belief answer you made up; I'll still answer. Of course MS ised money from the MS as a whole. Most company's use money from the main company's purse or the ROI of a said division that has been bamked to put it roughly. I own stock in Microsoft, Sony, Texaco, Netflix, and more I am fully aware how the these things work. .

Sayai jin47d ago

@Againx4, you are correct. Yes, my statement is a fact and devoid of Sully's imaginary conversatiom.

On topic, Sony has enough cash on hand to invest a billion or more on new games, R&D, etc without the movie division's 1 billion dollar deal. If they choose to use that money for the gaming division, great! More quality games for gamers.

SullysCigar46d ago

Lmao you were literally online when I replied.

@sammarshall said, "that 1 billion can be used for more 1st party games or acquisitions"

You said, "Smh...not even the same division." As if to imply if the money wasn't generated by that division it couldn't be used in that division. This is why I brought up MS, to highlight that's not how it works.

@againx4, you didn't miss him say that, because he didn't - check the comment he replied to for context.

Sayai jin46d ago

@SullysCigar, Reading and comprehension is fundamental. You again put thought s and words from me into your comment. "As if to imply if the money wasn't generated by that division it couldn't be used in that division." How can you tell me what I implied? Just stop as it looks ridiculous.

You ignored my questions. No need to mention MS at all, as I don't partake in the the imaginary console war some of you folks do. You went to MS as to stand bearer for the console war. Again, no I wasn't online. I was in my studio and could have left a tab open on one of my PCs.

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Teflon0247d ago

Not sure if true, but apparently Sony has about 14-16 billion they can use on acquisitions at any point they like. Don't remember where I saw it. Tbh, I think it's kinda bs. I really don't think they plan or have 5 billion open to use for acquisitions unless they're trying to buy SE lmao.

IRetrouk47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It's not bs at all, it's a fact that they drew down 18 billion....research is soooo easy nowadays, not sure why people don't just look.

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chadwarden48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

basically neutralizes the Crunchyroll purchase

BrainSyphoned47d ago

I didn't know SPE had mobile games worth a billion sitting around collecting dust in their portfolio.

TheColbertinator47d ago

Sony owns several different businesses and investments all over the world. I remember hearing about their insurance division in Japan years back. Not sure if it is still around but their other business branches are savvy.

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roadkillers47d ago

I didn't realise Sony owned the GSN. When I was younger, I enjoyd playing online while the shows were on.

ZeekQuattro47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I knew Sony was involved with that canceled America Says game show. Didn't know it was deeper than that but I don't watch GSN as much as I used too.


$1billion for this !? Sony made their money back for the Crunchyroll acquisition.