Steam Deck: Introducing Deck Verified

Introducing Deck Verified: See at a glance how your Steam games run on Deck.

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Neonridr41d ago

interesting, I wonder what we will be required to do for the "playable" games. What sort of manual input is required by the user. I wonder if this is something as simple as selecting specific video/game settings to ensure it can run it properly.

Magog41d ago

It could be any number of things and you'll be left to figure out what is broken on your own. That's why a closed ecosystem like PS5 is the only way I game. I don't want to waste my time chasing down bugs and compatibility issues I just want to play the damn games.

annoyedgamer41d ago

Trying to make things work? Spo0o0o0oky!

Sephiroushin41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

go play on ps5, xbox, switch, dreamcast or w/e and stop crying on pc stuff then, everybody already know that on pc tinkering might be needed ...

blacktiger41d ago

See you are close minded. Steam Deck is a first system to be open platform where you can install
LINUX, WINDOWS and possible MAC OS of Intel version. And you can download games fro Steam Deck and Windows games. So thats two console in one. And better yet it's also PC. And not depend on bs controller, this time Steam Deck works with millions if not billions of controllers

BrettAwesome37d ago

Billions of controllers?
At one dollar each, even a single billion controllers would cost $ 😂😂😂 28514;

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Magog41d ago

Sounds like a mess tbh. If it's not a verified game then it probably isn't worth the fuss trying to get it to work.

BrainSyphoned41d ago

It's 1000% less involved than the posting you have been doing today.

-Hermit-41d ago

Did you even watch the video? A game not being verified doesn't mean you need to take extra steps to get it to work. Playable in 99% of cases will mean the game works flawlessly, just that you may need to bring up the on screen keyboard, tweak a graphics setting or configure controls for games that don't have controller support.

Magog41d ago

Sure. Just like all PC gaming. But secretly it's an awful pain in the ass.

Neonridr41d ago

@Magog - I mean nowadays PCs have an auto-detect feature that can sort of do that for you. It's possible that could happen here.

-Hermit-41d ago


"But secretly it's an awful pain in the ass."

PC gaming has never been a pain in the ass for me. Maybe this is a you problem.

BrainSyphoned41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I'm going to try and play untethered vr outside with it in a backpack regardless.

Magog41d ago

They specifically stated it wasn't powerful enough for that but go ahead and live your truth.

Neonridr41d ago

they never once said it wasn't powerful enough. If the PS4 could do VR then there's zero reason why this system can't. They said it's not supported. Doesn't mean they may not open that up down the road.

mkis00741d ago

Ill hold off till version 2.

JEECE41d ago

This comment section:

Magog: Misrepresentation about how PC gaming is still super complicated and buggy.

Everyone else: Misrepresentation about how PC gaming has always been uncomplicated and bug-free.

Bladesfist41d ago

Does it really matter how PC gaming was 10+ years ago now, it's no longer relevant. Console gaming has become more complex over the years with games not being on the discs, requiring downloads and updates before you can play and PC has become less complex with the OS keeping drivers up to date, Steam managing your game library and updates for you, games automatically detecting the settings your PC is capable of.

They're pretty similar nowadays. Of course PC is still less consistent though, some people will have no issues and some will have a ton of issues. You don't have as much of that on consoles.