Switch OLED Boosts Switch Sales to Over 860,000 - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Oct 3-9

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 861,914 units sold for the week ending October 9, according to VGChartz estimates. Switch sales more than tripled due to the worldwide launch of the OLED Model. The Switch has now sold an estimated 92.45 million units lifetime.

To compare, the Nintendo Switch Lite boosted Switch sales to just under 600,000 units in its opening week.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 254,910 units to bring its lifetime sales to 12.73 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 164,365 units to bring their lifetime sales to 7.78 million units.

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darthv7240d ago

Wow... I guess its safe to assume Nintendo will take October and add to their 33 month streak with #34.

roadkillers40d ago

Correct me if I am wrong, didn't the Switch OLED go on sale the 8th? So this represents two days of OLED sales.

Dandizzle40d ago

Also I'd say only about half the people wanting to get one actually even got the chance to.

Neonridr40d ago

this would have been mostly preorders is my guess.

Cuzizkool40d ago

I wonder if the next few weeks of sales will make up for their lower year on year sales for 2021. 2021 may be even better for Switch than 2020.

trunkswd40d ago

Switch OLED launch did help close the gap by roughly 300,000. 2021 is a bit over 1.2 million behind 2020. Even if 2021 doesn't catch up to 2020, it is still a great year for Switch sales.

ZeekQuattro40d ago

We went from the PS5 nearly outselling the Switch to the Switch outselling everything combined by the next WW hardware VGchartz post. One hell of a bump in sales to say the least.

Jin_Sakai40d ago

Pretty incredible.

I really enjoy my Switch OLED. I play mainly in portable mode now that it has a great display. I use to play in docked mode.

zacfoldor40d ago

I'm thinking of upgrading.

Jin_Sakai40d ago

If you play in portable mode quit often it’s definitely worth the upgrade. The OLED looks amazing in person.

Dandizzle40d ago

I used to rarely play in handheld. Since I got the OLED model I have barely even docked it other than to charge.

Neonridr40d ago

The screen is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. The colors look way better and even just going from 6.2 to 7 feels like a big improvement.

Whoseverleaf40d ago

I agree so glad I traded up ...handheld mode all the time now

RedDevils40d ago

I wonder who just bough the Switch lite feel after the Oled got release/announce lmao.

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zacfoldor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Yep, I remember last week some people were SO excited, but they were informed then the numbers were only a result of the OLED launching "next week" chronologically, and this is the week that tracks the OLED launch.

What happens is that people know a new SKU is about to launch, and so they hold back on purchase, and the demand builds. Thus, big launch week like this. I expect it to keep selling very well, since I highly doubt supply of any new Nintendo hardware will be met in a single week.

Like I told them last week, you can complain about many things Nintendo, but sales are not one of those things. Lots of people wish that weren't the case, but I wouldn't bet against the Switch sales.

GameZenith39d ago

Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack $49

Agent7540d ago

Am l missing something? Home console sales versus handheld console sales. PS5 versus Switch. The Switch is a handheld that can be played on a TV. That was possible with the SEGA Nomad and PSP years ago.

Neonridr40d ago

I mean whatever argument you have to use to help you cope. You do you.

GameZenith39d ago

I mean is he wrong though? The ability to easily play a portable game on your TV was already done before. It is just that Nintendo was more successful with it.

Same with the OLED screen. The Vita LAUNCHED with a OLED screen in 2011. This begs the question as to why the Switch wasn't able to launch with it in 2017 and had to wait til 2021 to launch it at a much expensive price.

Neonridr39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@GameZenith - What does anything you said in the second part have anything to do with the discussion here?

They both play video games. They should be able to be compared to each other.

GameZenith39d ago


What I said in the 2nd paragraph is relevant to the larger discussion around the anti-consumer policies of Nintendo.

Whether they both play games is irrelevant. The point is that if the technology existed in 2011, why wasnt it implemented in 2017? Some would argue that Nintendo could or should have launched the Switch in 2017 with OLED but decided to hold off and launch it later at a more expensive price.

Eventually Nintendo is going to hit a wall and will be brought back down to earth with their anti consumer actions. If the backlash against the expansion pass pricing is anything to measure, then it looks like that might be coming sooner than than later.

Neonridr39d ago

@GameZenith - again, the discussion me and the OP are having here is whether or not the Switch can be compared to the PS5 because they feel one is a handheld and one is a console. It has nothing to do with whether or not you feel the Switch should have launched with certain features.

Feel free to share your thoughts with those people who are debating the merits.

GameZenith39d ago

I know what your original argument was. The point that Agent was trying to make was that the Switch is just taking features from the past and not really innovating anything. Being able to play on the go and then immediately on a TV was already done by past hardware.

I then jumped onto that notion to highlight how the new OLED is a other example of how Nintendo takes past concepts from the Vita. I also took that opportunity to highlight how such features should have been part of the 2017 Switch.

But go ahead and shill for anti-consumer Nintendo.

Neonridr39d ago

@GameZenith - I love how you know and can speak on someone else's behalf "just because". Hilarious.

GameZenith38d ago

While we are at it, what are your thoughts on:

1) Nintendo waited 4 years after launch to release a OLED version at a premium price when the technology/capabilities existed in 2011.

2) Expansion pass cost $49.99

3) All of the updated Switch models/versions thus far only applies to people who play mobile, but there has yet to be any specific enchantments or upgrades for those who play docked

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zacfoldor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

This discussion is had very frequently here. If this is the first time you've ever seen the weekly vgchartz articles, I would venture to say you have missed this common comparison, yes, and this discussion is had quite often.

For some, that argument is seen as damage control to try to marginalize the Switch sales(which are consistently strong).

The Switch is a console too, and anyone who wants to compare them can. There are no rules for sales comparisons, and it may seem disingenuous to imply that there is some standard comparison mechanism that automatically excludes any gaming devices that might be arbitrarily portable.

darkrider40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

There cant be a comparison because the switch can't handle 3rd party games without a gigantic generational downgrade. Its cool for 2d games like metroid and for all Nintendo games. Outside those, not really. Nintendo stop pushing forward videogaming maybe since the GameCube tech wise.

Sgt_Slaughter40d ago

Switch is a console. End of story.

Nothing else to discuss here.

darkrider40d ago

That it's portable that's why the oled panel.... Nintendo use to have a home console and a portable console. Now that have a hybrid portable console.

GameZenith39d ago

So while we are at it, what are your thoughts on:

1) Nintendo waited 4 years after launch to release a OLED version at a premium price when the technology/capabilities existed in 2011.

2) Expansion pass cost $49.99

3) All of the updated Switch models/versions thus far only applies to people who play mobile, but there has yet to be any specific enchantments or upgrades for those who play docked

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Stanjara40d ago

...and people downvoted me.

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