Nintendo Switch OLED Review – Is it Worth an Upgrade?

After picking up the white Switch OLED model from the Nintendo store located in NYC, Kyle goes over the improvements made to the Switch and discusses whether or not it's worth the upgrade.

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Neonridr39d ago

I'll be straight, I didn't think it was going to be anything special, hell I didn't even order one until the day they were released as I was able to find some more stock online. Ended up selling my OG model for just over half of what I paid for the new model, so I figured it was a huge investment.

But when I turned it on for the first time I noticed a drastic difference. Maybe it's the OLED panel so the colors look better or maybe it's the larger screen (almost an inch bigger is a sizeable difference). For someone who spends the majority of the time in handheld mode, I could definitely see the appeal. Sure the smaller additions like the bigger kickstand or double the internal storage (I use a microSD card anyways so that doesn't really matter much) aren't game changers, but every little difference helps. Even the audio coming from the speakers has a noticeable improvement.

For someone who plays the majority of the time docked, there is little to no reason to upgrade at this point. Hold off until we get a successor.

DoctorOswin33d ago

Yeah it's a luxury purchase if have a switch. If you have Switch Lite though, its worth it.