Heavy Rain art and animation stills

Quantic Dream has release some new art design images from Heavy Rain.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Very impressive. David Cage must be a fan of CSI lol.

Fishy Fingers3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Heavy Rain has some of the best character models I've ever seen, they're astounding. If they can maintain the quality of those shots in-game it'll be amazing.

"The Doc" reminds me of a certain suit wearing individual that pops up in Half-Life quite often, similar sinister look to them.

hay3599d ago

Wow, almost none facial retardation.

she00win993599d ago

that old man look scary..

Harry1903599d ago

tech demos Square was showing for Spirits Within during the conceptual stage.