If Nigel Thornberry Can't Say "Smashing" Then What's Even The Point?

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl forgoes voice acting and loses virtually all of the personality from its iconic characters.

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Magog90d ago

I agree. I would have bought it if it had voice overs.

abstractel89d ago

I agree and I think the developers were aware of this. I don't know what all the voice actors charge but I imagine it's not insignificant and it probably came down to Nickelodeon not believing the risk/reward was in their favor. Personally I think it would have done very well but who am I to say.

Knightofelemia90d ago

With out the voices you may as well play the game on the tv while the tv is muted kind of boring.

Blank90d ago

Dammmnnn.... Wow, I know Nick got the scratch to bring the OG voice actors for this game! Why didn’t many other sites mention this?

Rachel_Alucard90d ago

According to the devs, Nick made them change all the music too, so they ended up having to make these songs that sounded like they might fit the stage instead of the actual songs.

porkChop90d ago

That's so bizarre. It's a game centered around Nickelodeon's IP. You'd think they'd want their IP to be properly represented. If not then there's little point in making a game.

Gamble2089d ago

Nick got cold feet and didn’t think the game was going to be successful so they fell for sunk cost fallacy and basically decided “wrap the game up as cheap as possible so we can recoup as much expense as we can”.

EazyC90d ago

Ha I 100% thought I was going to read that someone complained on Twitter that saying "smashing" is offensive as it condones domestic abuse.

zerogotit90d ago

That would've been the complaint if there was voice overs

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