Riders Republic Offers A Free Trial

Looks like a great time to try the game. Today, Ubisoft announced that Riders Republic, the upcoming massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground, will offer a worldwide time-limited Trial Week from October 21st to October 27th.

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Welshy45d ago

With the demise of demos on PSN/XBL I hope more games opt to do this. Unless your game is a total POS cash grab you can get nothing but good press from letting players try your game for free.

Anything that let's gamers make a better informed purchase is always good 👍.

Garethvk45d ago

Exactly. It used to be standard for most major releases to have a demo. Some released one after launch but it was still a way for players to ensure the game would run on their PC and that they liked enough of what they saw to purchase it.

Welshy45d ago

I mainly play on console, but that's a really good point you made about whether your PC is capable of running a game at the level you want it to.

I know they show minimum specs, but it must suck to buy a game only to discover you can't get a playable performance from it.

Garethvk45d ago

I remember being at Sierra and people would call in update about how the games looked and played. I would have to let them know that minimum specs is the bare minimal you can have to run the game with any type of performance. This might include no 3D Acceleration and slow framerates. The suggested specs are what you should have and for an ideal experience; double those if possible. I had so many people tell me they dropped 2K on a PC at Walmart and it had no 3D card, low RAM, etc. So I had to teach them to drop their game into Software mode so they could see the graphics or how to enable sound in DOS.

Welshy45d ago

Not on topic, I don't know when you were at Sierra or what your role was, but if you were there around the F.E.A.R era, bless your soul sir, one of the greatest games I ever played and crying out for a sequel or remaster ❤

Garethvk45d ago

They closed the office just after Tribes 2. So by the time of F.E.A.R. I was doing media work.

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