Ubisoft Producer Touched by Prince of Persia Reviews

"We all know that game developers treat their games like their children, ever so proud of the little babies as they grow up in the studio, and then fretting like a stressed-out mother as they send them out into the cold, mean world of game critics. Sometimes, the poor games get torn to shreds, but other times they are accepted and praised. The latter is the case with the recently released Prince of Persia, nabbing a solid B average on Metacritic, and Ubisoft's Ben Mattes is positively moved by the news."

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cain1413602d ago

Personally, I'm having a blast with this title. I'm glad I picked it up, as I was on the fence.

Mikito3602d ago

I have not seen the newest one or know much about it but I have really liked the series.

Nick27283602d ago

I like the personality change they've made with this new prince...not that playing him as an introspective badass wasn't fun but I think a devil-may-care type like this new prince will be even more entertaining.

iTZKooPA3602d ago

I am not on the fence, I am totally playing this one, as I loved all the other titles. I just need to fit it into my busy (gameplaying) schedule.

James Abels3602d ago

Awesome, Awesome stuff right there

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