Elden Ring has been delayed until Feb, 2022

ELDEN RING will release on Feb 25, 2022, as the depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations. Thank you for your trust & patience. We look forward to seeing you experience the game in the Closed Network Test in Nov.

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BigBosss49d ago

Can't wait for Elden Ring. Been waiting ever since it was announced. Bummer that it got delayed, but its only for the best and gives us more time to play the other great games :)

Black-Helghast49d ago

i don't mind delays from Fromsoftware. they've yet to disappoint me

fitofficial49d ago

Agreed. The worst FromSoft game is generally head and shoulders above everything else.

HansyJ49d ago

Especially delays that aren’t eight months lol a one month delays are a non-issue in my books

VersusDMC49d ago

"Agreed. The worst FromSoft game is generally head and shoulders above everything else."

After Demon's Souls they became top tier...but they released alot of meh and junk games before that though. Let's not rewrite their past here.

Army_of_Darkness48d ago

Damn! First quarter of next year is gonna be crazy packed with new releases! Hopefully there will be more available PS5 by then so that sales numbers for these games will be good all around.

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VenomUK49d ago

That date is bad for Horizon Forbidden West which releases a week before.
Destiny 2 the Witch Queen on the same day the 22nd.
Sifu is the 22nd!
And Saints Row is the 25th.
Now that's a crowded February!

Say what you want but if customers on average can only buy one game per month all those titles together lessons the chance that they will buy a publisher's specific game. I wonder if we will see any of the other publishers move their games.

VersusDMC49d ago

Why would it be bad for Horizon?
Horizon comes out a week before.
And Horizon has sold 10 million which only one souls game has achieved(DS3). And Sekiro (their last game) only sold 5mil.

So Horizon is more popular with the masses and i doubt this will afect their sales that much if at all. Maybe if Elden Ring came out the week before it would be a problem for them. First game out always wins if some one was going to buy both anyways.

SoulWarrior49d ago

Definitely not bad for Horizon, I'll be for sure getting both games but the first Horizon sold loads of copies.

LoveSpuds49d ago

Yeah Venom, I say this as a huge fan of From Software, but Horizon is far more mainstream so I don't think Elden Ring will cannibalise too many sales. It will take some, but not too many I don't think.

I'll buy both, but dunno how I'll choose which to play 1st, busting to play both!!

VenomUK48d ago

@LoveSpuds. I think you say it well, Elden Ring is less mainstream but it will still take some sales. But then, Sony is releasing Gran Turismo 7 on the 4th March which is just two weeks after HFW on 18th Feb. So maybe Sony doesn't think that other games, including its own, will cannibalise sales. I'm not an exec, but I would try and keep my big games at least a month apart.

Vengeance113848d ago

Sifu isn't a full priced game and it has a PS+ discount if you go for the deluxe. Most people should be able to pickup atleast 2 games in Feb off the bat.

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on_line_forever49d ago

If they need time Iam ok with that Iam sure the game will be amazing

Vx_48d ago

The hype for this game will be its downfall…

Snakeeater2548d ago

I never felt any kind of hype for that game.

SyntheticForm49d ago

Can't wait.

This is going to be a crazy, difficult journey filled with all sorts of weird and deadly stuff trying to kill you; like pot people.

Hellcat202049d ago

February 2022 will go down as the biggest month for game releases ever.
I think this makes like 5-6 pre-ordered games in Feb alone for me

Magog49d ago

Which makes me think this was a really bad move on their part.

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NeoGamer23249d ago

Delays are not bad. I would rather them ship a quality product in a busy release window then release a bug filled mess in a non-busy window.

From Software has a reputation of shipping quality software. I am glad they are not compromising that.

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CaptainHenry91649d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu, and Elden Ring 🤔 and then GT7 in early March

Snakeeater2548d ago

Elden ring will fail. To many AAA games in fev. No hype no really gameplay shown plus it doesn’t look really for a fev release

oldenjon48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@Snakeeater25 Is that sarcasm? Q1 is a popular release window and one many a souls games has released in before. Souls has a huge fan base, and ER is coming fresh off the coattails of a GOTY award for Sekiro. If people have to choose one game to buy in February and they opt for HFW or Dying Light 2 they'll probably just buy it in March, or April etc. Unless it's a Cyberpunk-level mess of course. I'm sure they probably think about these things at Namcobandai though.

Fluttershy7748d ago

Maybe some of these games will get delayed even further... but in any case, sure 2022 is starting to look like an annus mirabilis for games

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