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Gareth writes: "Far Cry 6 is a slow burner, but once it gets going it really sinks those hooks. Fans of the series will have a blast, whether alone or through the cooperative options. Granted, the menus can sometimes over complicated things, and the cutscene stutters are annoying, but the main point to take away is that if you love open world games, especially those which provide fun, excitement and the freedom of choice, then come to Yara. It's not a huge revolution, but it's a fun one."

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demonseye40d ago

Great open world
Huge amount of things to get involved in
Cute companions
Planes, cars, and horses"

this is his pros list. Horses have the worst physics ever. Planes cars i mean it's a FarCry game that's not a pro anymore its a given. but besides all that this is his pro list and he gives it an 8. this game brings nothing new to far cry besides. the only good thing is weapon customisation and supremo. the rest is done worse than previous titles. I give the open world. it's a pretty good island