Best Female Protagonists in Videogames

Ibrahim writes: "Throughout the history of the gaming industry, women have been severely underrepresented. However, over the past few years, we have seen efforts to change this and some real badass female leads, so I decided to make a list of female protagonists that I think are the most influential."

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anast43d ago

Good list. I think Ellie should be 1...opinions and stuff.


Guess who I’d rank above Ellie ;)

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TricksterArrow43d ago

Abby? 'Cuz I would too. Her influence is so great that people can't be indifferent towards her at all.

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dumahim43d ago

I'd say decent. Faith at #2 seems really odd to me and didn't even include Aloy, who I think should easily be top 3.

anast43d ago

I forgot about Aloy. She's a solid character too.

JayRyu43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Croft IMO!
The ultimate survivalist!

whitbyfox43d ago

Aya Brea
Heather Mason
Miku Hinasaki

TricksterArrow43d ago

Miku loses point for regressing all plot development in V from III. Plus the incest thingy. Aya Brea and Heather are great, tho.

whitbyfox43d ago

Totally the wrong kind of brotherly love.

Terry_B43d ago

Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury, King of Fighters), Mileena (Mortal Kombat), Dark Queen (Old Battletoads) I-no (Guilty Gear XX)

demonseye43d ago

I'm noticing a theme going on here. but they don't really come close to top 10 of a list like this.

Terry_B43d ago

Mai Shiranui sure was influental to a ton of other female video game characters, Dark Queen was the first female main antagonist ever, Mileena one of the few truly scary females in video games. And I-No was one of the sexy badass female characters ever ..especially back in..2002? 2003?

All 4 were damn influental.

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The story is too old to be commented.