Eurogamer Preview: Heavy Rain

Eurogamer writes: "There's no rain during our trip to Paris to see Heavy Rain, which is bad news for the photographer travelling in our group, who might have done well out of that. Then again, there's no Heavy Rain on our trip to Paris to see Heavy Rain either. Nor, it turns out, was there any sign of it at Leipzig's Games Convention in August, despite its top billing at Sony's conference and director David Cage's press briefings. When we sit down with Cage three months later to ask whether anything we've seen so far - characters, locations, scenarios - is actually in the game you'll be invited to buy in the second half of 2009, he pauses for a second. 'No.'"

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omni_atlas3693d ago

Eurogamer, already hating.


"When the game was released, you guys wrote that the most interesting part was probably the first two-thirds where we were just following normal people in normal life, and we were just with them. Working on Heavy Rain, we just decided [the ending] is not a mistake we should do again. We can tell a real story about real people in real life, and we can make it as interesting as anything else." Cage may be polarisingly self-assured, but it's the first time since we arrived in France that we've decided he's wrong. This is more interesting than anything else.

Harry1903693d ago

and how great it was.

I must also tell you that you that they are not hating at all. In fact it is a compliment. You need to read more attentively. they were making a witty comment centered on the fact that Cage said 'as interesting' whence they turned it in a way as to make it sound like euphemism.

They also said it was the FIRST time they disagreed with him. But it was not a negative opinion, rather a positive one.

There is too much paranoia on N4G.

SuperM3693d ago

Nope they arent hating. Another good preview for heavy rain.. this game is going to be big

pp3693d ago

Due to insufficient memory it show how poor Heavy Rain looks also the poor hardware plays a major part.

Why o why3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

take note that im not sucking Eurogamer off just saying that they have given a kool review

@ jack. please give it a rest. Get a partner or go play on live as ur material has been dead for ages

-GametimeUK-3693d ago

looks like a nice game for the casual n00bs with no skill... the pro gamers like me will avoid this though

xwabbit3693d ago

your comment sounds really retarded and makes no sense.

SuperM3693d ago

To bad for you. You are going to miss out on a great game. But you probably arent mature enough for this game anyway. I think this game is going to sell more on PS3 then it would have if it came out on 360. PS3 = more mature audience.

Trust me, you are going to have to think when you play this game, every action can have an impact on the story, wether or not it requires alot of skill with the controller or not it will certainly require you to think. The whole point with the skill comment was that you dont need to be a hardcore gamer to be able to play this game.

-GametimeUK-3693d ago

I AM a member of the PS3 community... GametimeUK <<< psn
problem is this game is just for n00bs and doesnt look remotely fun... This is nothing compared to Mario Galaxy, LBP or Uncharted for example... I put heavy rain on par with wii play from my first impressions (having not played the game)...

thewhoopimen3693d ago

Just b/c a game doesn't have twitch/skill mechanics doesn't mean it is for noobs. I thought the article spelled out well how subtlety and adult thinking plays into this game. There aren't going to be red herring targets like most shooters or action games. This isn't a game a noob could just get into coming from Mario. You are going to be exploring the world, planning decisions, and living with the repurcussions of your actions (ex. continue playing with a character dead). You will need to digest each NPC's dialogue and decide whether they are telling the truth, lying outright, or various nuances in between. How is that in any way looking at a target and shooting it?

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omni_atlas3693d ago

my bad, its 3 am over here, the first few paragraphs didn't sound very positive. well, we'll see how it goes when its finally released and the reviews from 1up, edge and eurogamer come in.