How to Unlock Absolutely Everything in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding is a game in which you never seem to stop unlocking things, and that's only gotten worse (or better, if you're an unlock addict) with the Director's Cut. So I'm going to walk you through every single unlock in the game.

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thesoftware73044d ago

How do you unlock 'Fun' in this game?

Must be the rare hidden trophy..hidden kojima content, that sly batard.

Harryvok44d ago

Fun in games is subjective. Plenty of people loved the Halo beta. I found it boring and uninspired. Plenty of people loved Hades. I thought the combat was too repetitive and just involved spamming dodge. Lots of people love car games. I don't.

thesoftware73044d ago

Lol, I am well aware of subjection.

Anyway, it was a joke, I took the opportunity as I thought it was petty funny, once again..subjective.

But I promise you that this game is boring!🤣