XBOX Deletes Tweet - Shooting Down Fable 4 News Rumors

XBOX have just deleted their past statement and have shot down any rumors regarding new information about Fable 4.

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nmbr1esq48d ago

Leave it to m$ to fk ovr their followers. They're the embodyment of GRrM from South Park episode...saying "the games are coming"...but instead you get a bunch of floppy weinerz. I'm So sick of m$. Where are the mf game? It's literally been a decade+ since These asshatz made a game that wasn't forza, halo, or gears...a disgrace.

Kerppamaister48d ago

Well, somebody's angry. Why so salty?

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CaptainHenry91648d ago

Did you not read his comment🤔🤡

dumahim48d ago

While they did announce Hellblade, they also said it was in "early" development. Based on what they showed, I think it's safe to assume it's S/X only so going by their 2 year cross-gen statement, it's at least a 2023 title.

4Sh0w47d ago

People are really mad about a mistaken tweet that was taken down. Wow really?, nothing lost here since we all knew the game isnt coming fow awhile.....daayum your life must reaĺly suck if this kind if mistake is anything more than a liittle bit annoying.

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Tedakin48d ago

They put out Ori 2, Flight Simulator, Death Loop, Psychonauts 2 in the last year and a half.. All top rated games that aren't Halo, Forza or Gears.

Hatchetforce48d ago

Deathloop and Psychonauts? Weren't those purchased in progress? Deathloop is on Xbox? Its a PS/PC title. Psychonauts is multiplat. Flight Sim is a PC game that came to Xbox. If you only own an Xbox, not a gaming PC, where is the benefit? I have a PS5 (2) a Series X and a One X. But the benefit in the latter 2 ain't there. Excusing them only makes the situation worse. You should be demanding more.

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FlavorLav0147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@Tedakin - And your reaching by listing 2 games that were both near finished when MS acquired them, and they’re both on the main competitors platform, one exclusively(Deathloop). You gotta scape the barrel pretty hard to come out with that crap argument for Xbox’s lack of games defense.

TheDoomedGuy47d ago

Ori 2 and flight simulator yes. Death loop was already being developed and in full throttle before it was purchased as was psychonauts 2. Those 2 do not count as Microsoft games either since they're clearly multiplatform games.

Microsoft with it's studios has not developed new IP in a very freaking long time.

iplay1up247d ago

Thank you! Shredders is an amazing looking snow boarding game, coming out in December, also Scorn is coming out this year. Looking forward to those too.

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Stanjara47d ago

Ms bought finished product, just as you buy a finished game.

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chiefJohn11748d ago

Lol someone mad. Fable isn't coming out anytime soon everyone knows it's a 2023+ title so why upset? Could've swore I was playing the recent SOT update last week. Didn't know that came out a decade ago damn I'm late xD

FlavorLav0147d ago

Sad you think SOT is an adequate compromise for having a new actual Fable game, or even news on it for that matter.

Lightning7747d ago

What people don't know is that Avowed is pretty far along they're enter pre-alpha stage. Apparently the game is already showing great Polish considering its in early stages. It's showing so much early Polish they could show something at the Vga's, there's no rumor on that buts pure speculation.

The Out worlds 2 is apparently up and running as well. Showing great refinement, from the first and a better presentation.

What is rumored is Hellblade 2 possibly being shown off. It's been 2 years since the last announcement, they long over due for a proper reveal.

chiefJohn11747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

If a game not ready it's not ready what are you upset about you acting like it's stuck in limbo like agent lol. It only recently got announced. You act like it's been 3+ years with no news

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VenomUK47d ago

@Lightning77 What do the Polish have to do with Avowed? The Developer Obsidian is a US team.

DJStotty47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


"So you mean to say that the games will be coming 4 YEARS after the launch of the console."

Some, yes, just like the competing PS5 right? Or are they just releasing games upto 4 years after the launch of the console and then stopping because the "gen is winding up"?

"You either wait the whole gen for games to arrive at the end like Series X is apparently turning out to be or you get them early and have nothing to play for the rest of the whole gen like Xbox One."

Such a fake statement in its whole entirety.

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Lightning7747d ago

Very unnecessary and super trolling response. They made a simple error and now it's "where are the games" "decade plus" they're "asshats" etc. You all find the smallest.... I mean The smallest window of opportunity to trash on MS.

Word of advice stick to your favorite console. Life will be better for you I promise.

DJStotty47d ago

Exaclty, what i like to say "go and look at the grass"

goldwyncq47d ago

Games take time to develop. TLOU 2 was announced way back in 2016 and was released four years later.

If you're getting this mad over games then maybe it's time to consider picking up hobbies other than gaming.

DJStotty47d ago

I don't think they are mad, nor a fan of xbox, i think they just saw an ample opportunity to try and trash a brand, and troll as hard as they could.

On topic, i don't expect news on Fable till at the earliest E3 2022.

moriarty188947d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yes, MS are ptitful when it comes to putting out any kind of new games that are actually good other than forza or gears. Pitiful output by their studios and terrible management. Not a single word or gameplay or screenshot for fable, perfect dark, hellblade 2 or everwild. Yet they want people to believe THEGAMES ARE COMING……..yeah whatever MS.

agnosticgamer47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Are you so upset over an erroneous tweet for a game and company you don't care about? Sad. Look at the day a random Monday in October would make NO SENSE to release such news when they have 20th Xbox Anniversary in November and like Game Awards in December, Right?

They just released... Microsoft Flight Sim PC and Xbox), Psychonauts 2... Age of Empires 4 (28 October), Forza Horizon 5 (5th Nov), Halo Infinite (Dec)

Xbox game Studios has a very strong holiday release schedule that will carry into next year and more.
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
The Outer Worlds II
Star Field
Fable (reboot)
Perfect Dark (Reboot)
State of Decay 3

Many more are not mentioned in the pipeline... That is a lot more than Gears, Forza or Halo... It took a long time for Xbox to get increased funding and studio support, but it seems like they are finally turning the corner, and games from the studio purchases are coming to fruition.

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TheRealTedCruz47d ago

I don't feel they're doing me dirty.
I've spent the last 4 years watching them do a virtual 180 over the original Xbox One showing.

They're pretty much the most consumer friendly of the big 3; and I know there's a bunch of 1st party content coming.

DJStotty47d ago

"It's literally been a decade+ since These asshatz made a game that wasn't forza, halo, or gears"

State of decay 2 - 2020
Sea of Thieves - 2020
Battletoads - 2020
MSFS (console) - 2021
The bards tale remastered - 2020
Minecraft dungeons - 2020
Gears Tactics - 2020
Wasteland remastered - 2020
Crackdown 3 - 2019
Grounded - 2021

Yeah..... course.... 10+ years with no games other than forza/halo/gears..... but let's look to the next few years also??

Perfect Dark
Project Mara
Hellblade 2
State of decay 3
The outer worlds 2

What an absolute shocking disgrace of video game output over the course of 5 years /s

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Bronbron9248d ago

I’d love to see fable come return but I have a feeling it’s not going to do to great after how fable 3 turned out, but imma still buy it fable is great, but Microsoft do need to create new games rather than reviving the same old franchises

PertySlick47d ago

Fable 3 is the reason I stopped preordering games... lol! Huge disappointment. But on the flip side, Fable 2 is one of my most favorite games of all time. I'll wait for more info to get excited about another Fable game.

NeoGamer23247d ago

Playground games started Forza Horizon from scratch and it has been great. I have guarded confidence they will do well here as well.

Lightning7747d ago

They're doing both, not sure what u mean.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago

The thing is, Peter Molyneux is a hack. The series got worse and worse the more overall control he got.

You can't base future releases on the lackluster efforts of an entirely different studio. Playground games have only released quality titles; albeit in a very different genre.

Bronbron9247d ago

I agree playgrounds studios has made quality games I have nothing against them I do hope this fable reboot is as big and as great as fable 1 & 2

DJStotty47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

There is a reason why Peter got binned off, and the studio lionhead dismantled, especially after the Fable legends shower of brown media (faeces)

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But it’ll be FREE on Game Pass one day, just keep paying $15/month until “soon” arrives. This model is totally cheaper than only paying for games AFTER they release. Totally.

Livingthedream48d ago

Sarcasm detected, game pass is worth the money IMO, fable or no fable it’s worth it. I do HOPE fable makes a return, but it’s not why anyone who owns an Xbox picked up an Xbox fable 3 was a very looooong time ago.


I do agree that Game Pass has value, even if that value doesn’t align with how I like to try/buy games.

I also agree that Fable 4 wasn’t an XsXS system seller by any stretch.

But, this does put into question for me M$’ clam that they’ll have 4 AAA games launch Day 1 exclusively on Game Pass EVERY year. Sure, they do have a whole flock of golden geese from the Zenimax purchase, but their golden eggs can’t be guaranteed.

I just think M$ has done a bad job setting and delivering on the expectations for the whole last gen, and having one of their only announced AAA exclusives get quietly delayed makes me expect M$ to continue to struggle with exclusives this gen, too.

DJStotty47d ago

"But, this does put into question for me M$’ clam that they’ll have 4 AAA games launch Day 1 exclusively on Game Pass EVERY year."

And why wouldn't they? 26 studios, each operating on a 4 year development cycle per studio, is 6 or 7 games per year, every year.

UnHoly_One48d ago

If you are just waiting for one specific game that hasn't even been given a release date, and you're paying for Game Pass just to wait for it, that's nobody's fault but your own. I mean c'mon, that's just silly.


Fable 4’s eventual release is also part of the value behind Game Pass, so the delay does hurt the value of Game Pass.

Lightning7747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

"I just think M$ has done a bad job setting and delivering on the expectations for the whole last gen, and having one of their only announced AAA exclusives get quietly delayed makes me expect M$ to continue to struggle with exclusives this gen, too."

Lol that shows no indication at all whatsoever, not even close. You do realize games don't take the usual 2 year cycle to develop a AAA game anymore. It takes 3 years and some change at the very least 5 years max. It took NO 7 years to release. Ghosts 6 years GOW 5 years. See the pattern? Big games take time. I hope it doesn't take MS 5 to 7 years to make games. sony has GOTY quality games because they took awhile.


I understand how long it takes to make games. I’m just not sure M$ understands this fact when they promise 4 AAA exclusives a year, and we still don’t have gameplay for ANY of them yet when we’re a full year into the current gen. On the other hand, PS5 has shown gameplay for upcoming games, and withheld release dates for those that are nowhere near release.

M$ might be continuing to over promise and under deliver.

Livingthedream47d ago

I just think this site is heavily PlayStation oriented, so it’s tough for those individuals to see what MS has been offering with the service. They’ve made some terrific studio acquisitions, and are letting them work at their own pace. There’s been plenty of Great day one games released on the service many from their own studios, one from Sony’s studios “MLB”. Games will come we know plenty that are in development even Sony delays games now. It’s the nature of this business now, especially when a lot more money is being invested in these projects.

chiefJohn11747d ago

Nah I'm buying Fable, coming from someone with a 2 year sub to GP. Unless the gameplay reveal is trash butbif it's anything like 1 and 2 day 0 for me

Lightning7747d ago

"I’m just not sure M$ understands this fact when they promise 4 AAA exclusives a year, and we still don’t have gameplay for ANY of them yet when we’re a full year into the current gen."

I don't think you do understand. It's been 3 years since those acquisitions. Some are working on completely new games being built on Series consoles while others are working on established games via reboot and brand new engines. We have seen anything because they're not ready to show off anything? It's not hard to understand at all. Sony has development that's in circulation with their studios and have had that since mid PS3 days. so Sony won't have a stale or dry moments through out each year. again MS just bought all those studios in 2018 and are about to start that same circulation of games. Devs are deep in development. It sounds like you want them rush out gameplay and release dates, that's not good buissness.


I’m not asking them to rush anything. They are the ones that promised 4 AAA exclusive launches on Game Pass every year. What’s their plan for 2022?

Bronbron9247d ago

Gamepass is a great deal but for me personally I don’t necessarily need it for few games on Xbox I actually want I’ll just buy, I primarily play on ps5 so no sense in paying 15$ a month for something I’m rarely going to be using. I’d rather own buy them than play on a subscription to possibly be there for a limited time and be removed to force you to buy it regardless but I know with 1st party games that isn’t the case, so nobody attack me lol

DJStotty47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I know right, because £11 a month for 250+ games to play is disgusting and shocking value right?

I would rather buy all those games at a total cost of around £7000 + (53 years of gamepass) instead!!! /s

Lightning7746d ago

Redfall, Forza Motorsports reboot and Starfield. Not to mention 3rd party like Stalker 2 and Warhammer Darktide.

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nickanasty20648d ago

Anybody that knows the state of the new Fable knows that its not ready to show yet. Last i checked they were still hiring. They will show it when its ready. Would rather have it get the proper time in the oven before its revealed anyhow.

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